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{Isaiah 30:17} One 259 thousand 505 [shall flee] at 6440 x4480 the rebuke 1606 of one; 259 at 6440 x4480 the rebuke 1606 of five 2568 shall ye flee: 5127 z8799 till x5704 x518 ye be left 3498 z8738 as a beacon 8650 upon x5921 the top 7218 of a mountain, 2022 and as an ensign 5251 on x5921 an hill. 1389
"And fiveª of¹ you shall chaseª° an hundred,ª and an hundredª of¹ you shall put ten thousand² to flight:ª°¹ and your enemiesª° shall fallª° beforeª you by the sword.ª" {Lev 26:8} + "And upon them that are leftª° [alive] of you I will sendª° a faintnessª into their heartsª in the landsª of their enemies;ª° and the soundª of a shakenª° leafª shall chaseª° them; and they shall flee,ª° as fleeingª from a sword;ª and they shall fallª° when none¹ pursueth.ª°" {Lev 26:36} + "The LORDª shall causeª° thee to be smittenª° beforeª thine enemies:ª° thou shalt go outª° oneª wayª against¹ them, and fleeª° sevenª waysª beforeª them: and shalt be¹ removedª into all¹ the kingdomsª of the earth.ª" {Deu 28:25} + "How¹ should oneª chaseª° a thousand,ª and twoª put¹ ten² thousand²¹ to flight,ª° exceptª¹¹ their Rockª had soldª° them,² and the LORDª had shut them up?ª°" {Deu 32:30} + "Oneª manª of¹ you shall chaseª° a thousand:ª for¹ the LORDª your God,ª he¹ [it is] that fightethª° for you, as¹ he hath promisedª° you." {Jsh 23:10} + "The wickedª fleeª° when no¹ man pursueth:ª° but the righteousª are boldª° as a lion.ª" {Prv 28:1} + "For¹ though¹ ye had smittenª° the whole¹ armyª of the Chaldeansª that fightª° against¹ you, and there remainedª° [but] woundedª° men²¹ among them, [yet] should they rise¹ up²° every manª in his tent,ª and burnª°¹ this¹ cityª with fire.ª" {Jer 37:10}
till ye:
"Your countryª [is] desolate,ª your citiesª [are] burnedª° with fire:ª your land,ª strangersª° devourª° it in your presence,¹ and [it is] desolate,ª as overthrownª by strangers.ª° ... And the daughterª of Zionª is leftª° as a cottageª in a vineyard,ª as a lodgeª in a garden of cucumbers,ª as a besiegedª° city.ª" {Isa 1:7-8} + "And they saidª° unto¹ him, Thus¹ saithª° Hezekiah,ª This¹ dayª [is] a dayª of trouble,ª and of rebuke,ª and of blasphemy:ª for¹ the childrenª are comeª° to¹ the birth,ª and [there is] not¹ strengthª to bring forth.ª° ... It may be¹ the LORDª thy Godª will hearª°¹ the wordsª of Rabshakeh,ª whom¹ the kingª of Assyriaª his masterª hath sentª° to reproachª° the livingª God,ª and will reproveª° the wordsª which¹ the LORDª thy Godª hath heard:ª° wherefore lift upª° [thy] prayerª for¹ the remnantª that is left.ª°" {Isa 37:3-4} + "That Hanani,ª oneª of my brethren,ª¹ came,ª° he¹ and [certain] men²¹ of Judah;ª¹ and I askedª° them concerning¹ the Jewsª that had escaped,ª which¹ were leftª° of¹ the captivity,ª and concerning¹ Jerusalem.ª ... And they saidª° unto me, The remnantª° that¹ are leftª° of¹ the captivityª there¹ in the provinceª [are] in greatª afflictionª and reproach:ª the wallª of Jerusalemª also [is] broken down,ª° and the gatesª thereof are burnedª° with fire.ª" {Neh 1:2-3} + "I will also leaveª° in the midstª of thee an afflictedª and poorª people,ª and they shall trustª° in the nameª of the LORD.ª" {Zph 3:12} + "And it shall come to pass,¹ [that] in all¹ the land,ª saithª° the LORD,ª twoª partsª therein shall be cut offª° [and] die;ª° but the thirdª shall be leftª° therein. ... And I will bringª°¹ the third partª through the fire,ª and will refineª° them as¹ silverª is refined,ª° and will tryª° them as¹ goldª is tried:ª° they¹ shall callª° on my name,ª and I¹ will hearª° them: I will say,ª° It¹ [is] my people:ª and they¹ shall say,ª° The LORDª [is] my God.ª" {Zch 13:8-9} + "Forª thenª shall beª° greatª tribulation,ª such asª wasª° notª sinceª the beginningª of the worldª to¹ this² time,ª no,ª nor everª shall be.ª° ... Andª exceptª thoseª daysª should be shortened,ª° there² should² no²¹ fleshª be saved:ª°¹ butª for² the elect's sakeª¹¹ thoseª daysª shall be shortened.ª°" {Mtt 24:21-22}
a beacon:
or, a tree bereft of branches, or, boughs, or a mast, "But yet¹ in it [shall be] a tenth,ª and [it] shall return,ª° and shall be¹ eaten:ª° as a teil tree,ª and as an oak,ª whose¹ substanceª [is] in them, when they castª [their leaves: so] the holyª seedª [shall be] the substanceª thereof." {Isa 6:13} + "When the boughsª thereof are withered,ª° they shall be broken off:ª° the womenª come,ª° [and] set them on fire:ª°¹ for¹ it [is] a peopleª of no¹ understanding:ª therefore¹¹ he¹ that madeª° them will not¹ have mercyª° on them, and he that formedª° them will shew them no favour.ª°¹" {Isa 27:11} + "Everyª branchª inª meª that² bearethª° notª fruitª he taketh away:ª°¹ andª everyª [branch] that bearethª° fruit,ª he purgethª° it,ª thatª it may bring forthª° moreª fruit.ª ... If²° a man² abide²° notª¹¹ inª me,ª he is castª° forthª asª a branch,ª andª is withered;ª° andª men gatherª° them,ª andª castª° [them] intoª the fire,ª andª they are burned.ª°" {Jhn 15:2-6} + "Andª if¹ some²¹ of the¹ branchesª be broken off,ª° andª thou,ª beingª° a wild olive tree,ª wert graffed inª° amongª them,ª andª with²° themª° partakestª of the¹ rootª andª fatnessª of the¹ olive tree;ª" {Rom 11:17}

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