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{Isaiah 30:24} The oxen 504 likewise and the young asses 5895 that ear 5647 z8802 the ground 127 shall eat 398 z8799 clean 2548 provender, 1098 which x834 hath been winnowed 2219 z8802 with the shovel 7371 and with the fan. 4214
"Thou shalt not¹ muzzleª° the oxª when he treadeth out²°¹ [the corn]." {Deu 25:4} + "Forª it is writtenª° inª the¹ lawª of Moses,ª Thou shalt²° notª muzzleª° the mouth of the oxª that treadeth out the corn.ª°² Doth²°¹ Godª take careª° for oxen?ª ... Orª saith¹ he²° [it] altogetherª for²° our² sakes?ª¹ For²° our² sakes,ª¹ no doubt,ª [this] is written:ª° thatª he that plowethª° shouldª° plowª° inª hope;ª andª that he that threshethª° in¹ hopeª should be partakerª° of² his²¹ hope.ª" {1Co 9:9-10}
ear the ground:
"For¹ these¹ two yearsª [hath] the famineª [been] inª the land:ª and yet¹ [there are] fiveª years,ª in the which¹ [there shall] neitherª [be] earingª nor harvest.ª" {Gen 45:6} + "Sixª daysª thou shalt work,ª° but on the seventhª dayª thou shalt rest:ª° in earing timeª and in harvestª thou shalt rest.ª°" {Exd 34:21} + "And the eldersª of that¹ cityª shall bring downª°¹ the heiferª unto¹ a roughª valley,ª which¹ is neither¹ earedª° nor¹ sown,ª° and shall strike off²°¹¹ the heifer'sª neck²°¹ there¹ in the valley:ª" {Deu 21:4} + "And he will appointª° him captainsª over thousands,ª and captainsª over fifties;ª and [will set them] to earª° his ground,ª and to reapª° his harvest,ª and to makeª° his instrumentsª of war,ª and instrumentsª of his chariots.ª" {1Sm 8:12}
or, savory, Heb. leavened

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