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{Isaiah 30:26} Moreover the light 216 of the moon 3842 shall be x1961 as the light 216 of the sun, 2535 and the light 216 of the sun 2535 shall be x1961 sevenfold, 7659 as the light 216 of seven 7651 days, 3117 in the day 3117 that the LORD 3068 bindeth up 2280 z8800 x853 the breach 7667 of his people, 5971 and healeth 7495 z8799 the stroke 4273 of their wound. 4347
the light of the moon:
"They shall not¹ hurtª° nor¹ destroyª° in all¹ my holyª mountain:ª for¹ the earthª shall be fullª° of the knowledgeª of¹ the LORD,ª as the watersª coverª° the sea.ª" {Isa 11:9} + "Then the moonª shall be confounded,ª° and the sunª ashamed,ª° when¹ the LORDª of hostsª shall reignª° in mountª Zion,ª and in Jerusalem,ª and before¹ his ancientsª gloriously.ª" {Isa 24:23} + "The sunª shall be¹ no¹ more¹ thy lightª by day;ª neither¹ for brightnessª shall the moonª give light²¹ unto thee: but the LORDª shall be¹ unto thee an everlastingª light,²°¹ and thy Godª thy glory.ª ... Thy sunª shall no¹ more¹ go down;ª° neither¹ shall thy moonª withdraw²° itself:¹ for¹ the LORDª shall be¹ thine everlastingª light,ª and the daysª of thy mourningª shall be ended.ª°" {Isa 60:19-20} + "In that¹ dayª shall the LORDª defendª°¹ the inhabitantsª° of Jerusalem;ª and he that is feebleª° among them at that¹ dayª shall be¹ as David;ª and the houseª of Davidª [shall be] as God,ª as the angelª of the LORDª beforeª them." {Zch 12:8} + "But it shall be¹ oneª dayª which¹ shall be knownª° to the LORD,ª not¹ day,ª nor¹ night:ª but it shall come to pass,¹ [that] at eveningª timeª it shall be¹ light.ª" {Zch 14:7} + "Andª the¹ cityª hadª° noª needª of the¹ sun,ª neitherª of the¹ moon,ª toª shineª° inª it:ª forª the¹ gloryª of Godª did lightenª° it,ª andª the¹ Lambª [is] the¹ lightª thereof.ª" {Rev 21:23} + "Andª there shall beª° noª nightª there;ª andª they needª¹ noª candle,ª²° neitherª lightª of the sun;ª for² the Lordª Godª giveth²° them² light:ª°¹ andª they shall reignª° for² ever² and ever.ª¹" {Rev 22:5}
"From the soleª¹ of the footª even unto¹ the headª [there is] no¹ soundnessª in it; [but] wounds,ª and bruises,ª and putrifyingª sores:ª they have not¹ been closed,ª° neither¹ bound up,ª° neither¹ mollifiedª° with ointment.ª" {Isa 1:6} + "Seeª° now¹ that¹ I,¹ [even] I,¹ [am] he,¹ and [there is] no¹ godª with¹ me: I¹ kill,ª° and I make alive;ª° I wound,ª° and I¹ heal:ª° neither¹ [is there any] that can deliverª° out of my hand.ª¹" {Deu 32:39} + "For¹ he¹ maketh sore,ª° and bindeth up:ª° he woundeth,ª° and his handsª make whole.ª°" {Job 5:18} + "They comeª° to fightª° with¹ the Chaldeans,ª but [it is] to fillª° them with¹ the dead bodiesª of men,ª whom¹ I have slainª° in mine angerª and in my fury,ª and for¹ all¹ whose¹ wickednessª I have hidª° my faceª from this¹ city.ª¹ ... Behold,¹ I will bring²°¹ it healthª and cure,²¹ and I will cureª° them, and will revealª° unto them the abundanceª of peaceª and truth.ª" {Jer 33:5-6} + "What thing¹ shall I take to witnessª°°° for thee? what thingª shall I likenª° to thee, O daughterª of Jerusalem?ª what¹ shall I equalª° to thee, that I may comfortª° thee, O virginª daughterª of Zion?ª for¹ thy breachª [is] greatª like the sea:ª who¹ can healª° thee?" {Lam 2:13} + "Thereforeª leavingª° the¹ principlesª of the¹ doctrineª of Christ,ª let us go onª° untoª perfection;ª notª layingª° againª the foundationª of repentanceª fromª deadª works,ª andª of faithª towardª God,ª ... Of the doctrineª of baptisms,ª andª of laying on²¹ of hands,ª andª of resurrectionª of the dead,ª andª of eternalª judgment.ª" {Hbr 6:1-2} + "In that¹ dayª will I raise upª°¹ the tabernacleª of Davidª that is fallen,ª° and close upª°¹ the breachesª thereof; and I will raise upª° his ruins,ª and I will buildª° it as in the daysª of old:ª" {Ams 9:11}

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