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{Isaiah 30:28} And his breath, 7307 as an overflowing 7857 z8802 stream, 5158 shall reach to the midst 2673 z8799 of x5704 the neck, 6677 to sift 5130 z8687 the nations 1471 with the sieve 5299 of vanity: 7723 and [there shall be] a bridle 7448 in x5921 the jaws 3895 of the people, 5971 causing [them] to err. 8582 z8688
his breath:
"But with righteousnessª shall he judgeª° the poor,ª and reproveª° with equityª for the meekª of the earth:ª and he shall smiteª° the earthª with the rodª of his mouth,ª and with the breathª of his lipsª shall he slayª° the wicked.ª" {Isa 11:4} + "Then the channelsª of watersª were seen,ª° and the foundationsª of the worldª were discoveredª° at thy rebuke,ª¹ O LORD,ª at the blastª¹ of the breathª of thy nostrils.ª" {Psa 18:15} + "Andª the¹ Lordª said,ª° Simon,ª Simon,ª behold,ª° Satanª hath desiredª° [to have] you,ª that he may siftª° [you] asª wheat:ª" {Lke 22:31} + "Andª thenª shall²° that Wickedª be revealed,ª° whomª the¹ Lordª shall consumeª° with the¹ spiritª of his²¹ mouth,ª andª shall destroyª° with the¹ brightnessª of his²¹ coming:ª" {2Th 2:8} + "Forª the¹ wordª of Godª [is] quick,ª° andª powerful,ª andª sharperª thanª anyª twoedgedª sword,ª piercingª° even¹ toª the dividing asunderª of¹ soulª andª² spirit,ª andª² of the jointsª andª marrow,ª andª [is] a discernerª of the thoughtsª andª intentsª of the heart.ª" {Hbr 4:12} + "Andª he hadª° inª his²¹ rightª handª sevenª stars:ª andª out ofª his²¹ mouthª wentª° a sharpª twoedgedª sword:ª andª his²¹ countenanceª [was] asª the¹ sunª shinethª° inª his²¹ strength.ª" {Rev 1:16} + "Repent;ª° or elseª I will comeª° unto theeª quickly,ª andª will fightª° againstª themª withª the¹ swordª of myª mouth.ª" {Rev 2:16}
an overflowing:
"And he shall passª° through Judah;ª he shall overflowª° and go over,ª° he shall reachª° [even] to¹ the neck;ª and the stretching outª of his wingsª shall fillª the breadthª of thy land,ª O Immanuel.ª²" {Isa 8:8} + "Judgmentª also will I layª° to the line,ª and righteousnessª to the plummet:ª and the hailª shall sweep awayª° the refugeª of lies,ª and the watersª shall overflowª° the hiding place.ª ... And your covenantª with¹ deathª shall be disannulled,ª° and your agreementª with¹ hellª shall not¹ stand;ª° when¹ the overflowingª° scourgeª shall pass through,ª° then ye shall be¹ trodden downª by it." {Isa 28:17-18} + "Thou shalt be visitedª° of¹¹ the LORDª of hostsª with thunder,ª and with earthquake,ª and greatª noise,ª with stormª and tempest,ª and the flameª of devouringª° fire.ª" {Isa 29:6} + "Thou didst march throughª° the landª in indignation,ª thou didst threshª° the heathenª in anger.ª ... Thou didst walkª° through the seaª with thine horses,ª [through] the heapª of greatª waters.ª" {Hab 3:12-15}
to sift:
Bp. Lowth renders, "to toss the nations with the van of perdition;" that is, says Kimchi nothing useful shall remain behind, but all shall come to nothing and perish. The van of the ancients was a large instrument, somewhat like a shovel, with a long handle, with which they tossed the corn mixed with the chaff and chopped straw into the air, that the wind might separate them. "Whereª [are] they? whereª [are] thy wiseª [men]? and let them tellª° thee now,¹ and let them knowª° what¹ the LORDª of hostsª hath purposedª° upon¹ Egypt.ª" {Isa 19:12} + "The LORDª hath mingledª° a perverseª spiritª in the midstª thereof: and they have caused¹ Egyptª to errª° in every¹ workª thereof, as a drunkenª [man] staggerethª° in his vomit.ª" {Isa 19:14} + "Now¹ will I rise,ª° saithª° the LORD;ª now¹ will I be exalted;²°¹ now¹ will I lift up²° myself.¹ ... And the peopleª shall be¹ [as] the burningsª of lime:ª [as] thornsª cut upª° shall they be burnedª° in the fire.ª" {Isa 33:10-12} + "Therefore¹ they shall be¹ as the morningª cloud,ª and as the earlyª° dewª that passeth away,ª° as the chaffª [that] is driven with the whirlwindª° out of the floor,ª¹ and as the smokeª out of the chimney.ª¹" {Hsa 13:3} + "For,¹ lo,¹ I¹ will command,ª° and I will siftª°¹ the houseª of Israelª among all¹ nations,ª like as¹ [corn] is siftedª° in a sieve,ª yet shall not¹ the least grainª fallª° upon the earth.ª" {Ams 9:9} + "Whoseª fanª [is] inª hisª hand,ª andª he will throughly purgeª° his²¹ floor,ª andª gatherª° his²¹ wheatª intoª the¹ garner;ª butª he will burn upª° the¹ chaffª with unquenchableª fire.ª" {Mtt 3:12}
a bridle:
"Because¹ thy rageª° against¹ me, and thy tumult,ª is come upª° into mine ears,ª therefore will I putª° my hookª in thy nose,ª and my bridleª in thy lips,ª and I will turn thee backª° by the wayª by which¹ thou camest.ª°" {Isa 37:29} + "Because¹ thy rageª° against¹ me and thy tumultª is come upª° into mine ears,ª therefore I will putª° my hookª in thy nose,ª and my bridleª in thy lips,ª and I will turn thee backª° by the wayª by which¹ thou camest.ª°" {2Kg 19:28} + "Be¹ ye not¹ as the horse,ª [or] as the mule,ª [which] have no¹ understanding:ª° whose mouthª must be held²° in¹ with bitª and bridle,ª lestª they come nearª° unto thee.¹" {Psa 32:9} + "A whipª for the horse,ª a bridleª for the ass,ª and a rodª for the fool'sª back.ª" {Prv 26:3}
"And the spiritª of Egyptª shall failª° in the midstª thereof; and I will destroyª° the counselª thereof: and they shall seekª° to¹ the idols,ª and to¹ the charmers,ª and to¹ them that have familiar spirits,ª and to¹ the wizards.ª" {Isa 19:3} + "The princesª of Zoanª are become fools,ª° the princesª of Nophª are deceived;ª° they have also seducedª°¹ Egypt,ª [even they that are] the stayª of the tribesª thereof. ... The LORDª hath mingledª° a perverseª spiritª in the midstª thereof: and they have caused¹ Egyptª to errª° in every¹ workª thereof, as a drunkenª [man] staggerethª° in his vomit.ª" {Isa 19:13-14} + "And Absalomª and all¹ the menª of Israelª said,ª° The counselª of Hushaiª the Architeª [is] betterª than the counselª¹ of Ahithophel.ª For the LORDª had appointedª° to defeatª°¹ the goodª counselª of Ahithophel,ª to the intentª that the LORDª might bringª° evilª upon¹ Absalom.ª" {2Sm 17:14} + "And the LORDª said,ª° Who¹ shall persuadeª°¹ Ahab,ª that he may go upª° and fallª° at Ramothgilead?ª² And one¹ saidª° on this manner,ª and another¹ saidª° on that manner.ª ... And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ him, Wherewith?¹ And he said,ª° I will go forth,ª° and I will be¹ a lyingª spiritª in the mouthª of all¹ his prophets.ª And he said,ª° Thou shalt persuadeª° [him], and prevailª° also:¹ go forth,ª° and doª° so.¹" {1Kg 22:20-22} + "Because¹ Godª hath deprivedª° her of wisdom,ª neither¹ hath he impartedª° to her understanding.ª" {Job 39:17} + "For¹ every oneª of the houseª¹ of Israel,ª or of the strangerª¹ that¹ sojournethª° in Israel,ª which separateth²° himself¹ from¹¹ me,² and setteth upª° his idolsª in¹ his heart,ª and puttethª° the stumblingblockª of his iniquityª beforeª his face,ª and comethª° to¹ a prophetª to enquireª° of him concerning me; I¹ the LORDª will answerª° him by myself: ... And if¹ the prophetª be deceivedª° when he hath spokenª° a thing,ª I¹ the LORDª have deceivedª°¹ that¹ prophet,ª and I will stretch outª°¹ my handª upon¹ him, and will destroyª° him from the midstª¹ of my peopleª Israel.ª" {Ezk 14:7-9} + "Andª for this² causeª¹ Godª shall sendª° themª strong² delusion,ª¹ that² theyª should believeª° a lie:ª" {2Th 2:11}

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