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{Isaiah 30:30} And the LORD 3068 shall cause x853 his glorious 1935 voice 6963 to be heard, 8085 z8689 and shall shew 7200 z8686 the lighting down 5183 of his arm, 2220 with the indignation 2197 of [his] anger, 639 and [with] the flame 3851 of a devouring 398 z8802 fire, 784 [with] scattering, 5311 and tempest, 2230 and hailstones. 68 1259
"Thou shalt be visitedª° of¹¹ the LORDª of hostsª with thunder,ª and with earthquake,ª and greatª noise,ª with stormª and tempest,ª and the flameª of devouringª° fire.ª" {Isa 29:6} + "Then¹ shall he speakª° unto¹ them in his wrath,ª and vexª° them in his sore displeasure.ª" {Psa 2:5} + "The LORDª also thunderedª° in the heavens,ª and the Highestª gaveª° his voice;ª hailª [stones] and coalsª of fire.ª ... Yea, he sent outª° his arrows,ª and scatteredª° them; and he shot outª° lightnings,ª and discomfitedª° them." {Psa 18:13-14} + "The heathenª raged,ª° the kingdomsª were moved:ª° he utteredª° his voice,ª the earthª melted.ª°" {Psa 46:6}
his glorious voice:
Heb. the glory of his voice, "Hear²° attentivelyª° the noiseª of his voice,ª and the soundª [that] goeth outª° of his mouth.ª¹ ... Godª thunderethª° marvellouslyª° with his voice;ª great thingsª doethª° he, which we cannot¹ comprehend.ª°" {Job 37:2-5} + "Hast thou an armª like God?ª or canst thou thunderª° with a voiceª like him?¹" {Job 40:9} + "The voiceª of the LORDª [is] upon¹ the waters:ª the Godª of gloryª thundereth:ª° the LORDª [is] upon¹ manyª waters.ª ... The voiceª of the LORDª maketh the hindsª to calve,ª° and discoverethª° the forests:ª and in his templeª doth every one¹ speak²° of¹ [his] glory.ª" {Psa 29:3-9} + "And the soundª of the cherubims'ª wingsª was heardª° [even] to¹ the outerª court,ª as the voiceª of the Almightyª Godª when he speaketh.ª°" {Ezk 10:5} + "Andª his²¹ feetª like² unto¹ fine brass,ª asª if they burnedª° inª a furnace;ª andª his²¹ voiceª asª the soundª of manyª waters.ª" {Rev 1:15}
the lighting:
"Awake,ª° awake,ª° put onª° strength,ª O armª of the LORD;ª awake,ª° as in the ancientª days,ª in the generationsª of old.ª [Art] thou¹ not¹ it¹ that hath cutª° Rahab,²¹ [and] woundedª° the dragon?ª" {Isa 51:9} + "The LORDª hath swornª° by his right hand,ª and by the armª of his strength,ª Surely I will² no¹ more¹ giveª°¹ thy cornª [to be] meatª for thine enemies;ª° and the sonsª of the strangerª shall not¹ drinkª° thy wine,ª for the which¹ thou hast laboured:ª°" {Isa 62:8} + "Fearª and dreadª shall fallª° upon¹ them; by the greatnessª of thine armª they shall be [as] stillª° as a stone;ª till¹ thy peopleª pass over,ª° O LORD,ª till¹ the peopleª pass over,ª° [which]ª thou hast purchased.ª°" {Exd 15:16} + "[[A Psalm.]]ª O singª° unto the LORDª a newª song;ª for¹ he hath doneª° marvellous things:ª° his right hand,ª and his holyª arm,ª hath gotten him the victory.ª°" {Psa 98:1} + "He hath shewedª° strengthª withª his²¹ arm;ª he hath scatteredª° the proudª in the imaginationª of theirª hearts.ª" {Lke 1:51}
the flame:
"Behold,¹ the Lordª hath a mightyª and strong one,ª [which] as a tempestª of hailª [and] a destroyingª storm,ª as a floodª of mightyª watersª overflowing,ª° shall cast down²°¹ to the earthª with the hand.ª" {Isa 28:2} + "When it shall hail,ª° coming downª° on the forest;ª and the cityª shall be lowª° in a low place.ª" {Isa 32:19} + "And it came to pass,¹ as they fledª° from beforeª¹ Israel,ª [and] were in the going downª to Bethhoron,ª that the LORDª cast downª° greatª stonesª from¹ heavenª upon¹ them unto¹ Azekah,ª and they died:ª° [they were] moreª which¹ diedª° with hailstonesªª than [they] whomª¹ the childrenª of Israelª slewª° with the sword.ª" {Jsh 10:11} + "And as Samuelª was¹ offering upª° the burnt offering,ª the Philistinesª drew nearª° to battleª against Israel:ª but the LORDª thunderedª° with a greatª thunderª on that¹ dayª upon¹ the Philistines,ª and discomfitedª° them; and they were smittenª° beforeª Israel.ª" {1Sm 7:10} + "The LORDª also thunderedª° in the heavens,ª and the Highestª gaveª° his voice;ª hailª [stones] and coalsª of fire.ª ... Yea, he sent outª° his arrows,ª and scatteredª° them; and he shot outª° lightnings,ª and discomfitedª° them." {Psa 18:13-14} + "[[A Psalmª of Asaph.]]ª The mightyª God,ª [even] the LORD,ª hath spoken,ª° and calledª° the earthª from the risingª¹ of the sunª unto¹ the going downª thereof. ... Our Godª shall come,ª° and shall not¹ keep silence:ª° a fireª shall devourª° beforeª him, and it shall be veryª tempestuousª° round aboutª him." {Psa 50:1-3} + "The stoutheartedªª are spoiled,ª° they have sleptª° their sleep:ª and none¹¹ of the men²¹ of mightª have foundª° their hands.ª ... Thou didst cause judgmentª to be heardª° from¹ heaven;ª the earthª feared,ª° and was still,ª°" {Psa 76:5-8} + "A fireª goeth²°¹ beforeª him, and burneth upª° his enemiesª round about.ª ... The hillsª meltedª° like waxª at the presenceª¹ of the LORD,ª at the presenceª¹ of the Lordª of the whole¹ earth.ª" {Psa 97:3-5} + "For in my jealousyª [and] in the fireª of my wrathª have I spoken,ª° Surely¹¹ in that¹ dayª there shall be¹ a greatª shakingª in¹ the landª of Israel;ª ... And I will pleadª° against¹ him with pestilenceª and with blood;ª and I will rainª° upon¹ him, and upon¹ his bands,ª and upon¹ the manyª peopleª that¹ [are] with¹ him, an overflowingª° rain,ª and great hailstones,ªª fire,ª and brimstone.ª" {Ezk 38:19-22} + "And the mountainsª shall be moltenª° under¹ him, and the valleysª shall be cleft,ª° as waxª beforeª¹ the fire,ª [and] as the watersª [that are] poured²° down¹ a steep place.ª" {Mic 1:4} + "Godª [is] jealous,ª and the LORDª revengeth;ª° the LORDª revengeth,ª° and [is] furious;ªª the LORDª will take vengeanceª° on his adversaries,ª and he¹ reservethª° [wrath] for his enemies.ª° ... Who¹ can standª° beforeª his indignation?ª and who¹ can abideª° in the fiercenessª of his anger?ª his furyª is poured outª° like fire,ª and the rocksª are thrown downª° by¹ him." {Nah 1:2-6} + "Forª nationª shall riseª° againstª nation,ª andª kingdomª againstª kingdom:ª andª there shall beª° famines,ª andª pestilences,ª andª earthquakes,ª in¹ divers² places.ª" {Mtt 24:7} + "Inª flamingª fireª takingª° vengeanceª on them that knowª° notª God,ª andª that obeyª° notª the¹ gospelª of ourª Lordª Jesusª Christ:ª" {2Th 1:8} + "Andª I beheldª° whenª he had openedª° the¹ sixthª seal,ª and,ª lo,ª° there wasª° a greatª earthquake;ª andª the¹ sunª becameª° blackª asª sackclothª of hair,ª andª the¹ moonª becameª° asª blood;ª ... Forª the¹ greatª dayª of his²¹ wrathª is come;ª° andª whoª shall be ableª° to stand?ª°" {Rev 6:12-17} + "Andª the¹ templeª of Godª was openedª° inª heaven,ª andª there was seenª° inª his²¹ templeª the¹ arkª of his²¹ testament:ª andª there wereª° lightnings,ª andª voices,ª andª thunderings,ª andª an earthquake,ª andª greatª hail.ª" {Rev 11:19} + "Andª he that satª° onª the¹ cloudª thrust inª° his²¹ sickleª onª the¹ earth;ª andª the¹ earthª was reaped.ª° ... Andª the¹ winepressª was troddenª° withoutª the¹ city,ª andª bloodª cameª° out ofª the¹ winepress,ª even untoª the¹ horseª bridles,ª by the space ofª a thousand² [and] six hundredª¹ furlongs.ª" {Rev 14:16-20} + "Andª there wereª° voices,ª andª thunders,ª andª lightnings;ª andª there wasª° a greatª earthquake,ª such asª wasª° notª sinceªª menª wereª° uponª the¹ earth,ª so mightyª an earthquake,ª [and] soª great.ª ... Andª there fellª° uponª menª a greatª hailª out ofª heaven,ª [every stone] aboutª the weight of a talent:ª andª menª blasphemedª° Godª because ofª the¹ plagueª of the¹ hail;ª forª the¹ plagueª thereof²¹ wasª° exceedingª great.ª" {Rev 16:18-21}

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