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{Isaiah 58:8} Then x227 shall thy light 216 break forth 1234 z8735 as the morning, 7837 and thine health 724 shall spring forth 6779 z8799 speedily: 4120 and thy righteousness 6664 shall go 1980 z8804 before 6440 thee; the glory 3519 of the LORD 3068 shall be thy rereward. 622 z8799
thy light:
"And [if] thou draw outª° thy soulª to the hungry,ª and satisfyª° the afflictedª° soul;ª then shall thy lightª riseª° in obscurity,ª and thy darknessª [be] as the noonday:ª ... And the LORDª shall guideª° thee continually,ª and satisfyª° thy soulª in drought,ª and make fatª° thy bones:ª and thou shalt be¹ like a wateredª garden,ª and like a springª of water,ª whose¹ watersª failª° not.¹" {Isa 58:10-11} + "And [thine] ageª shall be clearerª° than the noonday;ª¹ thou shalt shine forth,ª° thou shalt be¹ as the morning.ª" {Job 11:17} + "And he shall bring forthª° thy righteousnessª as the light,ª and thy judgmentª as the noonday.ª" {Psa 37:6} + "Lightª is sownª° for the righteous,ª and gladnessª for the uprightª in heart.ª" {Psa 97:11} + "Unto the uprightª there arisethª° lightª in the darkness:ª [he is] gracious,ª and full of compassion,ª and righteous.ª" {Psa 112:4} + "But the pathª of the justª [is] as the shiningª light,ª that shinethª° more²° and more¹ unto¹ the perfectª° day.ª" {Prv 4:18} + "Then shall we know,ª° [if] we follow²° on¹ to knowª°¹ the LORD:ª his going forthª is preparedª° as the morning;ª and he shall comeª° unto us as the rain,ª as the latterª [and] former rain²°¹ unto the earth.ª" {Hsa 6:3} + "But unto you that fearª my nameª shall the Sunª of righteousnessª ariseª° with healingª in his wings;ª and ye shall go forth,ª° and grow upª° as calvesª of the stall.ª" {Mal 4:2}
and thine:
"I have seenª° his ways,ª and will healª° him: I will leadª° him also, and restoreª° comfortsª unto him and to his mourners.ª" {Isa 57:18} + "Behold,¹ I will bring²°¹ it healthª and cure,²¹ and I will cureª° them, and will revealª° unto them the abundanceª of peaceª and truth.ª" {Jer 33:6} + "After two daysª¹ will he reviveª° us: in the thirdª dayª he will raise us up,ª° and we shall liveª° in his sight.ª" {Hsa 6:2} + "I will healª° their backsliding,ª I will loveª° them freely:ª for¹ mine angerª is turned awayª° from¹ him." {Hsa 14:4} + "Forª thisª people'sª heart²¹ is waxed gross,ª° andª [their] earsª are dull² of hearing,ª°¹ andª their²¹ eyesª they have closed;ª° lest at any timeª they should seeª° with [their] eyes,²¹ andª hearª° with [their] ears,ª andª should understandª° with [their] heart,ª andª should be converted,ª° andª I should healª° them.ª" {Mtt 13:15}
and thy:
"Righteousnessª shall goª° beforeª him; and shall setª° [us] in the wayª of his steps.ª" {Psa 85:13} + "Andª when he¹ lookedª° on him,ª he¹ wasª° afraid,ª and² said,ª° Whatª is¹ it,²° Lord?ª Andª he saidª° unto him,ª Thyª prayersª andª thineª almsª are come upª° forª a memorialª beforeª God.ª" {Act 10:4} + "Andª said,ª° Cornelius,ª thyª prayerª is heard,ª° andª thineª almsª are had in remembranceª° in the sightª of God.ª" {Act 10:31} + "Butª inª everyª nationª he that fearethª° him,ª andª workethª° righteousness,ª isª° acceptedª with him.ª" {Act 10:35}
the glory:
"For¹ ye shall not¹ go outª° with haste,ª nor¹ go²°¹ by flight:ª for¹ the LORDª will goª° beforeª you; and the Godª of Israelª [will be] your rereward.ª°" {Isa 52:12} + "And the angelª of God,ª which wentª° beforeª the campª of Israel,ª removedª° and went²°¹ behindª¹ them; and the pillarª of the cloudª wentª° from before their face,ª¹ and stoodª° behindª¹ them:" {Exd 14:19}
be thy rereward:
Heb. gather thee up

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