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{Isaiah 58:12} And [they that shall be] of x4480 thee shall build 1129 z8804 the old 5769 waste places: 2723 thou shalt raise up 6965 z8787 the foundations 4146 of many y1755 generations; 1755 and thou shalt be called, 7121 z8795 The repairer 1443 z8802 of the breach, 6556 The restorer 7725 z8789 of paths 5410 to dwell x3427 in. y3427 z8800
"And they shall buildª° the oldª wastes,ª they shall raise upª° the formerª desolations,ª° and they shall repairª° the wasteª cities,ª the desolationsª° of many² generations.ª" {Isa 61:4} + "And I saidª° unto the king,ª If¹ it pleaseª°¹ the king,ª and if¹ thy servantª have found favourª° in thy sight,ª that¹ thou wouldest sendª° me unto¹ Judah,ª unto¹ the cityª of my fathers'ª sepulchres,ª that I may buildª° it." {Neh 2:5} + "Then saidª° I unto¹ them, Ye¹ seeª° the distressª that¹ we¹ [are] in, how¹ Jerusalemª [lieth] waste,ª and the gatesª thereof are burnedª° with fire:ª come,²°¹ and let us build upª°¹ the wallª of Jerusalem,ª that we be¹ no¹ more¹ a reproach.ª" {Neh 2:17} + "But it came to pass,¹ that when¹ Sanballatª heardª° that¹ we¹ buildedª°¹ the wall,ª he was wroth,ª° and took great²° indignation,ª°¹ and mockedª°¹ the Jews.ª ... So builtª° we¹ the wall;ª and all¹ the wallª was joined togetherª° unto¹ the halfª thereof: for the peopleª had¹ a mindª to work.ª°" {Neh 4:1-6} + "Behold,¹ the daysª come,ª° saithª° the LORD,ª that the cityª shall be builtª° to the LORDª from the towerª¹ of Hananeelª unto the gateª of the corner.ª" {Jer 31:38} + "Therefore,¹ ye mountainsª of Israel,ª hearª° the wordª of the Lordª GOD;ª Thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GODª to the mountains,ª and to the hills,ª to the rivers,ª and to the valleys,ª to the desolateª° wastes,ª and to the citiesª that are forsaken,ª° which¹ became¹ a preyª and derisionª to the residueª of the heathenª that¹ [are] round about;ª¹" {Ezk 36:4} + "But ye,¹ O mountainsª of Israel,ª ye shall shoot forthª° your branches,ª and yieldª° your fruitª to my peopleª of Israel;ª for¹ they are at handª° to come.ª° ... And I will multiplyª° upon¹ you manª and beast;ª and they shall increaseª° and bring fruit:ª° and I will settleª° you after your old estates,ª and will do better²°¹ [unto you] than at your beginnings:ª¹ and ye shall knowª° that¹ I¹ [am] the LORD.ª" {Ezk 36:8-11} + "Thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª In the dayª that I shall have cleansedª° you from all¹¹ your iniquitiesª I will also cause [you] to dwellª°¹ in the cities,ª and the wastesª shall be builded.ª°" {Ezk 36:33} + "And I will bring againª°¹ the captivityª of my peopleª of Israel,ª and they shall buildª° the wasteª° cities,ª and inhabitª° [them]; and they shall plantª° vineyards,ª and drinkª°¹ the wineª thereof; they shall also makeª° gardens,ª and eatª°¹ the fruitª of them." {Ams 9:14}
"For¹ the LORDª shall comfortª° Zion:ª he will comfortª° all¹ her waste places;ª and he will makeª° her wildernessª like Eden,ª and her desertª like the gardenª of the LORD;ª joyª and gladnessª shall be foundª° therein, thanksgiving,ª and the voiceª of melody.ª" {Isa 51:3} + "Break forth into joy,ª° singª° together,ª ye waste placesª of Jerusalem:ª for¹ the LORDª hath comfortedª° his people,ª he hath redeemedª° Jerusalem.ª" {Isa 52:9}
The repairer:
"But it came to pass,¹ [that] when¹ Sanballat,ª and Tobiah,ª and the Arabians,ª and the Ammonites,ª and the Ashdodites,ª heardª° that¹ the wallsª of Jerusalemª were made up,ªª° [and] that¹ the breachesª° beganª° to be stopped,ª° then they were veryª wroth,ª°" {Neh 4:7} + "Now it came to pass,¹ when¹ Sanballat,ª and Tobiah,ª and Geshemª the Arabian,ª and the restª of our enemies,ª° heardª° that¹ I had buildedª°¹ the wall,ª and [that] there was no¹ breachª leftª° therein; (thoughª² at¹ that¹ timeª I had not¹ set upª° the doorsª upon the gates;)ª" {Neh 6:1} + "Knowª° therefore and understand,ª° [that] from¹ the going forthª of the commandmentª to restoreª° and to buildª° Jerusalemª unto¹ the Messiahª the Princeª [shall be] sevenª weeks,ª and threescoreª and twoª weeks:ª the streetª shall be builtª° again,ª° and the wall,ª even in troublousª times.ª" {Dan 9:25} + "In that¹ dayª will I raise upª°¹ the tabernacleª of Davidª that is fallen,ª° and close upª°¹ the breachesª thereof; and I will raise upª° his ruins,ª and I will buildª° it as in the daysª of old:ª" {Ams 9:11}

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