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{Isaiah 60:4} Lift up 5375 z8798 thine eyes 5869 round about, 5439 and see: 7200 z8798 all x3605 they gather themselves together, 6908 z8738 they come 935 z8804 to thee: thy sons 1121 shall come 935 z8799 from far, 7350 x4480 and thy daughters 1323 shall be nursed 539 z8735 at x5921 [thy] side. 6654
"Lift upª° thine eyesª round about,ª and behold:ª° all¹ these gather themselves together,ª° [and] comeª° to thee. [As] I¹ live,ª saithª° the LORD,ª thou shalt surely¹ clotheª° thee with them all,¹ as with an ornament,ª and bindª° them [on thee], as a brideª [doeth]." {Isa 49:18} + "Sayª° notª ye,ª There² areª° yetª four months,ª andª [then] comethª° harvest?ª behold,ª° I sayª° unto you,ª Lift upª° yourª eyes,ª andª look onª° the¹ fields;ª forª they areª° whiteª alreadyª toª harvest.ª" {Jhn 4:35} + "Andª the¹ nextª° sabbath dayª came²° almost² the whole² city² togetherª°¹¹¹¹ to hearª° the¹ wordª of God.ª" {Act 13:44}
they come:
"I¹ the LORDª have calledª° thee in righteousness,ª and will holdª° thine hand,ª and will keepª° thee, and giveª° thee for a covenantª of the people,ª for a lightª of the Gentiles;ª" {Isa 42:6} + "The childrenª which thou shalt have, after thou hast lost² the other,¹ shall sayª° again¹ in thine ears,ª The placeª [is] too straitª for me: give²° place²¹ to me that I may dwell.ª° ... Thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD,ª Behold,¹ I will lift upª° mine handª to¹ the Gentiles,ª and set upª° my standardª to¹ the people:ª and they shall bringª° thy sonsª in [their] arms,ª and thy daughtersª shall be carriedª° upon¹ [their] shoulders.ª" {Isa 49:20-22} + "That¹ ye may suck,ª° and be satisfiedª° with the breastsª¹ of her consolations;ª that¹ ye may milk out,ª° and be delightedª° with the abundanceª¹ of her glory.ª ... For¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª Behold,¹ I will extendª° peaceª to¹ her like a river,ª and the gloryª of the Gentilesª like a flowingª° stream:ª then shall ye suck,ª° ye shall be borneª° upon¹ [her] sides,ª and be dandledª° upon¹ [her] knees.ª" {Isa 66:11-12} + "Andª I sayª° unto you,ª Thatª manyª shall comeª° fromª the eastª andª west,ª andª shall sit downª° withª Abraham,ª andª Isaac,ª andª Jacob,ª inª the¹ kingdomª of heaven.ª" {Mtt 8:11} + "There isª° neitherª Jewª norª Greek,ª there isª° neitherª bondª norª free,ª there isª° neitherª maleª norª female:ª forª yeª areª° allª oneª inª Christª Jesus.ª ... Andª ifª yeª [be] Christ's,ª thenª are¹ ye²° Abraham'sª seed,ª andª heirsª accordingª to the promise.ª" {Gal 3:28-29}

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