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{Isaiah 60:11} Therefore thy gates 8179 shall be open 6605 z8765 continually; 8548 they shall not x3808 be shut 5462 z8735 day 3119 nor night; 3915 that [men] may bring 935 z8687 unto x413 thee the forces 2428 of the Gentiles, 1471 and [that] their kings 4428 [may be] brought. 5090 z8803
The subject of this chapter, says Bp. Lowth, is the great increase and flourishing state of the church of God, by the conversion and accession of the heathen nations to it; which is set forth in such ample and exalted terms, as plainly shew that the full completion of this prophecy is reserved for future times. This subject is displayed in the most splendid colours, under a great variety of images highly poetical, designed to give a general idea of the glories of that perfect state of the church of God, which we are taught to expect in the latter times; when the fulness of the Gentiles shall come in, and the Jews shall be converted and gathered from their dispersions, and "the kingdom of this world shall become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ."
thy gates:
"And it came to pass,¹ that when¹ the gatesª of Jerusalemª began to be darkª° beforeª the sabbath,ª I commandedª° that the gatesª should be shut,ª° and chargedª° that¹ they should not¹ be openedª° till¹ afterª the sabbath:ª and [some] of my servantsª¹ setª° I at¹ the gates,ª [that] there should no¹ burdenª be brought inª° on the sabbathª day.ª" {Neh 13:19} + "Andª the¹ gatesª of itª shall²° not²° be shut²° at allª¹ by day:ª forª there shall beª° noª nightª there.ª" {Rev 21:25}
or, wealth, "Then¹ thou shalt see,ª°°² and flow together,ª° and thine heartª shall fear,ª° and be enlarged;ª° because¹ the abundanceª of the seaª shall be convertedª° unto¹ thee, the forcesª of the Gentilesª shall comeª° unto thee." {Isa 60:5} *marg.

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