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{Isaiah 65:6} Behold, x2009 [it is] written 3789 z8803 before 6440 me: I will not x3808 keep silence, 2814 z8799 but x3588 x518 will recompense, 7999 z8765 even recompense 7999 z8765 into x5921 their bosom, 2436
it is:
"And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ Moses,ª Writeª° this¹ [for] a memorialª in a book,ª and rehearseª° [it] in the earsª of Joshua:ª for¹ I will utterly²° put outª°¹ the remembranceª of Amalekª from under¹¹ heaven.ª" {Exd 17:14} + "[Is] not¹ this¹ laid up in storeª° with¹ me, [and] sealed upª° among my treasures?ª" {Deu 32:34} + "Thou tellestª° my wanderings:ª putª° thou¹ my tearsª into thy bottle:ª [are they] not¹ in thy book?ª" {Psa 56:8} + "Then¹ they that fearedª the LORDª spake¹ often²° oneª to¹ another:ª and the LORDª hearkened,ª° and heardª° [it], and a bookª of remembranceª was writtenª° beforeª him for them that feared²¹ the LORD,ª and that thoughtª° upon his name.ª" {Mal 3:16} + "Andª I sawª° the¹ dead,ª smallª andª great,ª standª° beforeª God;ª andª the booksª were opened:ª° andª anotherª bookª was opened,ª° which² is²°¹ [the book] of life:ª andª the¹ deadª were judgedª° out ofª those things which were writtenª° inª the¹ books,ª according¹ to² their²¹ works.ª" {Rev 20:12}
I will:
"I have long timeª¹ holden my peace;ª° I have been still,ª° [and] refrained²° myself:¹ [now] will I cryª° like a travailing woman;ª° I will destroyª°°² and devourª° at once.ª" {Isa 42:14} + "Wilt thou refrain²° thyself¹ for¹ these¹ [things], O LORD?ª wilt thou hold thy peace,ª° and afflictª° us very sore?ª¹" {Isa 64:12} + "Our Godª shall come,ª° and shall not¹ keep silence:ª° a fireª shall devourª° beforeª him, and it shall be veryª tempestuousª° round aboutª him." {Psa 50:3} + "These¹ [things] hast thou done,ª° and I kept silence;ª° thou thoughtestª° that I was¹ altogetherª° [such an one] as thyself:¹ [but] I will reproveª° thee, and set [them] in orderª° before thine eyes.ª" {Psa 50:21}
"And renderª° unto our neighboursª sevenfoldª into¹ their bosomª their reproach,ª wherewith¹ they have reproachedª° thee, O Lord.ª" {Psa 79:12} + "And firstª I will recompenseª° their iniquityª and their sinª double;ª because¹ they have defiledª°¹ my land,ª they have filledª°¹ mine inheritanceª with the carcasesª of their detestableª and abominable things.ª" {Jer 16:18} + "But [as for them] whose heartª walkethª° after¹ the heartª of their detestable thingsª and their abominations,ª I will recompenseª° their wayª upon their own heads,ª saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 11:21} + "Therefore have I poured outª° mine indignationª upon¹ them; I have consumedª° them with the fireª of my wrath:ª their own wayª have I recompensedª° upon their heads,ª saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 22:31} + "Yea,¹ and what¹ have ye¹ to do with me, O Tyre,ª and Zidon,ª and all¹ the coastsª of Palestine?ª will ye¹ renderª°¹ me a recompence?ª and if¹ ye¹ recompenseª°¹ me, swiftlyª [and] speedilyª will I returnª° your recompenceª upon your own head;ª" {Jol 3:4}

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