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{Isaiah 65:22} They shall not x3808 build, 1129 z8799 and another 312 inhabit; 3427 z8799 they shall not x3808 plant, 5193 z8799 and another 312 eat: 398 z8799 for x3588 as the days 3117 of a tree 6086 [are] the days 3117 of my people, 5971 and mine elect 972 shall long enjoy 1086 z8762 the work 4639 of their hands. 3027
for as:
"And I will bring forthª° a seedª out of Jacob,ª¹ and out of Judahª¹ an inheritorª° of my mountains:ª and mine electª shall inheritª° it, and my servantsª shall dwellª° there.¹" {Isa 65:9} + "And ye shall leave²°¹ your nameª for a curseª unto my chosen:ª for the Lordª GODª shall slayª° thee, and callª° his servantsª by anotherª name:ª" {Isa 65:15} + "And all¹ the daysª that¹ Adamª livedª° were¹ nineª hundredª² and thirtyª years:ª and he died.ª°" {Gen 5:5} + "And all¹ the daysª of Methuselahª were¹ nineª hundredª² sixtyª and nineª years:ª and he died.ª°" {Gen 5:27} + "I¹ also¹ will doª° this¹ unto you; I will even appointª° over¹ you terror,ª¹ consumption,ª and the burning ague,ª that shall consumeª° the eyes,ª and cause sorrowª° of heart:ª and ye shall sowª° your seedª in vain,ª for your enemiesª° shall eatª° it." {Lev 26:16} + "The righteousª shall flourishª° like the palm tree:ª he shall growª° like a cedarª in Lebanon.ª ... They shall still¹ bring forth fruitª° in old age;ª they shall be¹ fatª and flourishing;ª" {Psa 92:12-14} + "Andª castª° himª intoª the¹ bottomless pit,ª andª shut²° him² up,ª°¹ andª set a sealª° uponª him,ª that²°¹ he should deceiveª° the¹ nationsª no²¹ more,ª tillª the¹ thousandª yearsª should be fulfilled:ª° andª afterª thatª heª mustª° be loosedª° a littleª season.ª ... Butª the¹ restª of the¹ deadª lived²° not² againª°¹ untilª the¹ thousandª yearsª were finished.ª° Thisª [is] the¹ firstª resurrection.ª" {Rev 20:3-5}
long enjoy:
Heb. make them continue long, or, shall wear out

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