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{Jeremiah 23:33} And when x3588 this x2088 people, 5971 or x176 the prophet, 5030 or x176 a priest, 3548 shall ask 7592 z8799 thee, saying, 559 z8800 What x4100 [is] the burden 4853 of the LORD? 3068 thou shalt then say 559 z8804 unto x413 them, x853 What x4100 burden? 4853 I will even forsake 5203 z8804 you, saith 5002 z8803 the LORD. 3068
"Behold,¹ they¹ sayª° unto¹ me, Where¹ [is] the wordª of the LORD?ª let it comeª° now.¹" {Jer 17:15} + "O LORD,ª thou hast deceivedª° me, and I was deceived:ª° thou art strongerª° than I, and hast prevailed:ª° I am¹ in derisionª daily,ª¹ every one¹ mockethª° me. ... For¹ sinceª¹ I spake,ª° I cried out,ª° I criedª° violenceª and spoil;ª because¹ the wordª of the LORDª was made¹ a reproachª unto me, and a derision,ª daily.ª¹" {Jer 20:7-8} + "The burdenª of Babylon,ª which¹ Isaiahª the sonª of Amozª did see.ª°" {Isa 13:1} + "In the yearª that kingª Ahazª diedª was¹ this¹ burden.ª" {Isa 14:28} + "The burdenª of Nineveh.ª The bookª of the visionª of Nahumª the Elkoshite.ª" {Nah 1:1} + "The burdenª which¹ Habakkukª the prophetª did see.ª°" {Hab 1:1} + "The burdenª of the wordª of the LORDª to¹ Israelª byª Malachi.ª" {Mal 1:1}
"Therefore,¹ behold,¹ I, even I, will utterly²° forgetª° you, and I will forsakeª° you, and the cityª that¹ I gaveª° you and your fathers,ª [and cast you] out of¹¹ my presence:ª ... And I will bringª° an everlastingª reproachª upon¹ you, and a perpetualª shame,ª which¹ shall not¹ be forgotten.ª°" {Jer 23:39-40} + "I have forsakenª°¹ mine house,ª I have leftª°¹ mine heritage;ª I have givenª°¹ the dearly beloved²¹ of my soulª into the handª of her enemies.ª°" {Jer 12:7} + "Then my angerª shall be kindledª° against them in that¹ day,ª and I will forsakeª° them, and I will hideª° my faceª from¹ them, and they shall be¹ devoured,ª° and manyª evilsª and troublesª shall befallª° them; so that they will sayª° in that¹ day,ª Are not¹ these¹ evilsª come²° upon¹ us, because¹¹ our Godª [is] not¹ amongª us? ... And I¹ will surely²° hideª° my faceª in that¹ dayª for¹ all¹ the evilsª which¹ they shall have wrought,ª° in thatª they are turnedª° unto¹ otherª gods.ª" {Deu 31:17-18} + "And when the LORDª sawª° [it], he abhorredª° [them], because of the provokingª¹ of his sons,ª and of his daughters.ª ... And he said,ª° I will hideª° my faceª from¹ them, I will seeª° what¹ their endª [shall be]: for¹ they¹ [are] a very frowardª generation,ª childrenª in whom [is] no¹ faith.ª" {Deu 32:19-20} + "And he went outª° to meetª Asa,ª and saidª° unto him, Hearª° ye me, Asa,ª and all¹ Judahª and Benjamin;ª The LORDª [is] with¹ you, while ye be¹ with¹ him; and if¹ ye seekª° him, he will be foundª° of you; but if¹ ye forsakeª° him, he will forsakeª° you." {2Ch 15:2} + "When Godª heardª° [this], he was wroth,ª° and greatlyª abhorredª° Israel:ª ... So that he forsookª° the tabernacleª of Shiloh,ª the tentª [which] he placedª° among men;ª" {Psa 78:59-60} + "Though¹¹ they bring upª°¹ their children,ª yet will I bereaveª° them, [that there shall] not [be] a manª¹ [left]: yea,¹ woeª also¹ to them when I departª° from¹ them!" {Hsa 9:12}

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