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{Jeremiah 43:2} Then spake 559 z8799 Azariah 5838 the son 1121 of Hoshaiah, 1955 and Johanan 3110 the son 1121 of Kareah, 7143 and all x3605 the proud 2086 men, y582 x376 saying 559 z8802 unto x413 Jeremiah, 3414 Thou x859 speakest 1696 z8764 falsely: 8267 the LORD 3068 our God 430 hath not x3808 sent 7971 z8804 thee to say, 559 z8800 Go 935 z8799 not x3808 into Egypt 4714 to sojourn 1481 z8800 there: x8033
"Then they cameª° to¹ Gedaliahª to Mizpah,ª even Ishmaelª the sonª of Nethaniah,ª and Johananª and Jonathanª the sonsª of Kareah,ª and Seraiahª the sonª of Tanhumeth,ª and the sonsª of Ephaiª the Netophathite,ª and Jezaniahª the sonª of a Maachathite,ª they¹ and their men.²¹" {Jer 40:8} + "And it came to pass,¹ [that] when Jeremiahª had made an endª° of speakingª° unto¹ all¹ the peopleª¹ all¹ the wordsª of the LORDª their God,ª for which¹ the LORDª their Godª had sentª° him to¹ them, [even]¹ all¹ these¹ words,ª" {Jer 43:1}, Jezaniah
"Moreover Johananª the sonª of Kareah,ª and all¹ the captainsª of the forcesª that¹ [were] in the fields,ª cameª° to¹ Gedaliahª to Mizpah,ª ... But Gedaliahª the sonª of Ahikamª saidª° unto¹ Johananª the sonª of Kareah,ª Thou shalt not¹ doª°¹ this¹ thing:ª for¹ thou¹ speakestª° falselyª of¹ Ishmael.ª" {Jer 40:13-16} + "Then tookª° Johananª the sonª of Kareah,ª and all¹ the captainsª of the forcesª that¹ [were] with¹ him,¹ all¹ the remnantª of the peopleª whom¹ he had recoveredª° from¹¹ Ishmaelª the sonª of Nethaniah,ª from¹ Mizpah,ª afterª [that] he had slainª°¹ Gedaliahª the sonª of Ahikam,ª [even] mightyª men²¹ of war,ª and the women,ª and the children,ª and the eunuchs,ª whom¹ he had brought againª° from Gibeon:ª¹" {Jer 41:16}
all the:
"Hearª° ye, and give ear;ª° be not¹ proud:ª° for¹ the LORDª hath spoken.ª°" {Jer 13:15} + "And Pharaohª said,ª° Who¹ [is] the LORD,ª that¹ I should obeyª° his voiceª to let¹ Israelª go?ª° I knowª° not¹¹ the LORD,ª neither¹¹ will I let¹ Israelª go.ª°" {Exd 5:2} + "As yet¹ exaltest²° thou thyself¹ against my people,ª that thou wilt not¹ let them go?ª°" {Exd 9:17} + "The wicked,ª through the prideª of his countenance,ª will not¹ seekª° [after God]: Godª [is] not¹ in all¹ his thoughts.ª ... His waysª are alwaysª¹ grievous;ª° thy judgmentsª [are] far aboveª out of his sight:¹¹ [as for] all¹ his enemies,ª° he puffethª° at them." {Psa 10:4-5} + "The LORDª shall cut offª° all¹ flatteringª lips,ª [and] the tongueª that speakethª° proud² things:¹" {Psa 12:3} + "Thou hast rebukedª° the proudª [that are] cursed,ª° which do errª° from thy commandments.ª¹" {Psa 119:21} + "Our soulª is exceedinglyª filledª° with the scorningª of those that are at ease,ª [and] with the contemptª of the proud.ª²°°²°" {Psa 123:4} + "A proudª° look,ª a lyingª tongue,ª and handsª that shedª° innocentª blood,ª" {Prv 6:17} + "The fearª of the LORDª [is] to hateª° evil:ª pride,ª and arrogancy,ª and the evilª way,ª and the frowardª mouth,ª do I hate.ª°" {Prv 8:13} + "Every one¹ [that is] proudª in heartª [is] an abominationª to the LORD:ª [though] handª [join] in hand,ª he shall not¹ be unpunished.ª°" {Prv 16:5} + "Prideª [goeth] beforeª destruction,ª and an haughtyª spiritª beforeª a fall.ª ... Betterª [it is to be] of an humbleª spiritª with¹ the lowly,ª°² than to divideª°¹ the spoilª with¹ the proud.ª" {Prv 16:18-19} + "Lest¹ I be full,ª° and denyª° [thee], and say,ª° Who¹ [is] the LORD?ª or lest¹ I be poor,ª° and steal,ª° and takeª° the nameª of my Godª [in vain]." {Prv 30:9} + "Behold,¹ his soulª [which] is lifted upª° is not uprightª°¹ in him: but the justª shall liveª° by his faith.ª ... Yea¹ also, because¹ he transgressethª° by wine,ª [he is] a proudª man,ª neither¹ keepeth at home,ª° who¹ enlargethª° his desireª as hell,ª and [is] as death,ª and cannot¹ be satisfied,ª° but gatherethª° unto¹ him all¹ nations,ª and heapethª° unto¹ him all¹ people:ª" {Hab 2:4-5} + "And all¹ the peopleª shall know,ª° [even] Ephraimª and the inhabitantª° of Samaria,ª that sayª° in the prideª and stoutnessª of heart,ª ... The bricksª are fallen down,ª° but we will buildª° with hewn stones:ª the sycomoresª are cut down,ª° but we will changeª° [them into] cedars.ª" {Isa 9:9-10} + "Butª he givethª° moreª grace.ª Whereforeª he saith,ª° Godª resistethª° the proud,ª butª givethª° graceª unto the humble.ª" {Jms 4:6} + "Likewise,ª ye younger,ª submit yourselvesª° unto the elder.ª Yea,ª allª [of you] be subjectª° one to another,ª and¹ be clothed²° with¹ humility:ª forª Godª resistethª° the proud,ª andª givethª° graceª to the humble.ª" {1Pe 5:5}
Thou speakest:
They had no other colour for their rebellion than flatly to deny that God had spoken what the prophet had declared, the constant method of hypocrites and infidels, who pretend that they are not satisfied of the truth of Divine revelation, when the true cause of their unbelief is, that the commands of God contradict their lusts and appetites. "They have beliedª° the LORD,ª and said,ª° [It is] not¹ he;¹ neither¹ shall evilª comeª° upon¹ us; neither¹ shall we seeª° swordª nor famine:ª ... And the prophetsª shall become¹ wind,ª and the word²°¹ [is] not¹ in them: thus¹ shall it be doneª° unto them." {Jer 5:12-13} + "And he also¹ rebelledª° against kingª Nebuchadnezzar,ª who¹ had made him swearª° by God:ª but he stiffenedª°¹ his neck,ª and hardenedª°¹ his heartª from turningª°¹ unto¹ the LORDª Godª of Israel.ª" {2Ch 36:13} + "And the headª of Ephraimª [is] Samaria,ª and the headª of Samariaª [is] Remaliah'sª son.ª If¹ ye will not¹ believe,ª° surely¹ ye shall not¹ be established.ª°" {Isa 7:9}

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