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{Jeremiah 51:14} The LORD 3068 of hosts 6635 hath sworn 7650 z8738 by himself, 5315 [saying], Surely x3588 x518 I will fill 4390 z8765 thee with men, 120 as with caterpillers; 3218 and they shall lift up 6030 z8804 a shout 1959 against x5921 thee.
"For¹ I have swornª° by myself, saithª° the LORD,ª that¹ Bozrahª shall become¹ a desolation,ª a reproach,ª a waste,ª and a curse;ª and all¹ the citiesª thereof shall be¹ perpetualª wastes.ª" {Jer 49:13} + "The Lordª GODª hath swornª° by himself,ª saithª° the LORDª the Godª of hosts,ª I¹ abhorª°¹ the excellencyª of Jacob,ª and hateª° his palaces:ª therefore will I deliver upª° the cityª with all that is therein.ª" {Ams 6:8} + "Forª when Godª made promiseª° to Abraham,ª becauseª he couldª° swearª° byª noª greater,ª he swareª° byª himself,ª" {Hbr 6:13}
Heb. his soul
as with:
"They shall cut downª° her forest,ª saithª° the LORD,ª though¹ it cannot¹ be searched;ª° because¹ they are moreª° than the grasshoppers,ª¹ and [are] innumerable.ªª" {Jer 46:23} + "For¹ they¹ came upª° with their cattleª and their tents,ª and they cameª°°° as²¹ grasshoppersª for multitude;ª [for] both they¹ and their camelsª were without¹ number:ª and they enteredª° into the landª to destroyª° it." {Jdg 6:5} + "That which the palmerwormª hath leftª hath the locustª eaten;ª° and that which the locustª hath leftª hath the cankerwormª eaten;ª° and that which the cankerwormª hath leftª hath the caterpillerª eaten.ª° ... He hath laidª° my vineª waste,ª and barkedª my fig tree:ª he hath made it clean²° bare,ª° and cast [it] away;ª° the branchesª thereof are made white.ª°" {Jol 1:4-7} + "A fireª devourethª° beforeª them; and behindª them a flameª burneth:ª° the landª [is] as the gardenª of Edenª beforeª them, and behindª them a desolateª wilderness;ª yea,¹ and nothing¹ shall escapeª¹ them. ... The appearanceª of them [is] as the appearanceª of horses;ª and as horsemen,ª so¹ shall they run.ª°" {Jol 2:3-4} + "And I will restoreª° to you¹ the yearsª that¹ the locustª hath eaten,ª° the cankerworm,ª and the caterpiller,ª and the palmerworm,ª my greatª armyª which¹ I sentª° among you." {Jol 2:25} + "There¹ shall the fireª devourª° thee; the swordª shall cut thee off,ª° it shall eat thee upª° like the cankerworm:ª make thyself manyª° as the cankerworm,ª make thyself manyª° as the locusts.ª ... Thy crownedª [are] as the locusts,ª and thy captainsª as the great grasshoppers,ª which campª° in the hedgesª in the coldª day,ª [but] when the sunª arisethª° they flee away,ª° and their placeª is not knownª°¹ whereª they [are]." {Nah 3:15-17}
lift up:
Heb. utter, "Shoutª° against¹ her round about:ª she hath givenª° her hand:ª her foundationsª are fallen,ª° her wallsª are thrown down:ª° for¹ it¹ [is] the vengeanceª of the LORD:ª take vengeanceª° upon her; as¹ she hath done,ª° doª° unto her." {Jer 50:15}

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