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{Jeremiah 51:47} Therefore, x3651 behold, x2009 the days 3117 come, 935 z8802 that I will do judgment 6485 z8804 upon x5921 the graven images 6456 of Babylon: 894 and her whole x3605 land 776 shall be confounded, 954 z8799 and all x3605 her slain 2491 shall fall 5307 z8799 in the midst 8432 of her.
I will:
"Wherefore,¹ behold,¹ the daysª come,ª° saithª° the LORD,ª that I will do judgmentª° upon¹ her graven images:ª and through all¹ her landª the woundedª shall groan.ª°" {Jer 51:52} + "Declareª° ye among the nations,ª and publish,ª° and set upª° a standard;ª publish,ª° [and] concealª° not:¹ say,ª° Babylonª is taken,ª° Belª is confounded,ª° Merodachª is broken in pieces;²°¹ her idolsª are confounded,ª° her imagesª are broken in pieces.ª°" {Jer 50:2} + "And, behold,¹ here¹ comethª° a chariotª of men,ª [with] a coupleª of horsemen.ª And he answeredª° and said,ª° Babylonª is fallen,ª° is fallen;ª° and all¹ the graven imagesª of her godsª he hath brokenª° unto the ground.ª" {Isa 21:9} + "Belª boweth down,ª° Neboª stoopeth,ª° their idolsª were¹ upon the beasts,ª and upon the cattle:ª your carriagesª [were] heavy loaden;ª° [they are] a burdenª to the wearyª [beast]. ... They stoop,ª° they bow downª° together;ª they couldª° not¹ deliverª° the burden,ª but themselvesª are goneª° into captivity.ª" {Isa 46:1-2}
do judgment upon:
Heb. visit upon, "They¹ [are] vanity,ª the workª of errors:ª in the timeª of their visitationª they shall perish.ª°" {Jer 51:18} + "Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª Behold,¹ I will punishª°¹ them: the young menª shall dieª° by the sword;ª their sonsª and their daughtersª shall dieª° by famine:ª" {Jer 11:22} + "What¹ wilt thou sayª° when¹ he shall punishª°¹ thee? for thou¹ hast taughtª° them [to be] captains,ª [and] as chiefª over¹ thee: shall not¹ sorrowsª takeª° thee, as¹ a womanª in travail?ª°" {Jer 13:21} + "And [as for] the prophet,ª and the priest,ª and the people,ª that¹ shall say,ª° The burdenª of the LORD,ª I will even punishª°¹ that¹ manª and his house.ª" {Jer 23:34} + "And it shall come to pass,¹ when seventyª yearsª are accomplished,ª° [that] I will punishª°¹ the kingª of Babylon,ª and that¹ nation,ª saithª° the LORD,ª for¹ their iniquity,ª and the landª of the Chaldeans,ª and will makeª° it perpetualª desolations.ª" {Jer 25:12} *marg.
her whole:
"And I will renderª° unto Babylonª and to all¹ the inhabitantsª° of Chaldeaª¹ all¹ their evilª that¹ they have doneª° in Zionª in your sight,ª saithª° the LORD.ª" {Jer 51:24} + "Her citiesª are¹ a desolation,ª a dryª land,ª and a wilderness,ª a landª wherein¹ no¹¹ manª dwelleth,ª° neither¹ doth [any] sonª of manª passª° thereby.ª" {Jer 51:43} + "Your motherª shall be soreª confounded;ª° she that bareª° you shall be ashamed:ª° behold,¹ the hindermostª of the nationsª [shall be] a wilderness,ª a dry land,ª and a desert.ª ... Cut offª° the sowerª° from Babylon,ª¹ and him that handlethª° the sickleª in the timeª of harvest:ª for fearª¹ of the oppressingª° swordª they shall turnª° every oneª to¹ his people,ª and they shall fleeª° every oneª to his own land.ª" {Jer 50:12-16} + "A swordª [is] upon¹ the Chaldeans,ª saithª° the LORD,ª and upon¹ the inhabitantsª° of Babylon,ª and upon¹ her princes,ª and upon¹ her wiseª [men]. ... As Godª overthrewª¹ Sodomª and Gomorrahª and the neighbourª [cities] thereof, saithª° the LORD;ª [so] shall no¹ manª abideª° there,¹ neither¹ shall any sonª of manª dwellª° therein." {Jer 50:35-40}

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