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{Ezekiel 23:5} And Aholah 170 played the harlot 2181 z8799 when she was x8478 mine; y8478 and she doted 5689 z8799 on x5921 her lovers, 157 z8764 on x413 the Assyrians 804 [her] neighbours, 7138
The Israelites, in addition to their former gross idolatries, received the impure idolatrous worship of the Assyrians, who became their neighbours by the conquest of Syria. "But hast doneª° evilª° above all¹¹ that¹ were¹ beforeª thee: for thou hast gone²°¹ and madeª° thee otherª gods,ª and molten images,ª to provoke me to anger,ª° and hast castª° me behindª thy back:ª" {1Kg 14:9} + "And he shall give²° Israel² upª°¹¹ becauseª of the sinsª of Jeroboam,ª who¹ did sin,ª° and who¹ made Israel² to sin.ª°¹¹" {1Kg 14:16} + "And he didª° evilª in the sightª of the LORD,ª and walked²°¹ in the wayª of his father,ª and in his sinª wherewith¹ he made Israel² to sin.ª°¹¹" {1Kg 15:26} + "Because¹ of the sinsª of Jeroboamª which¹ he sinned,ª° and which¹ he made Israel² sin,ª°¹¹ by his provocationª wherewith¹ he provoked¹¹ the LORDª Godª of Israelª to anger.²°" {1Kg 15:30} + "And it came to pass,¹ as if it had been a light thingª° for him to walk²°¹ in the sinsª of Jeroboamª the sonª of Nebat,ª that he tookª° to wifeª¹ Jezebelª the daughterª of Ethbaalª kingª of the Zidonians,ª and went²°¹ and servedª°¹ Baal,ª and worshippedª° him. ... And he reared upª° an altarª for Baalª in the houseª of Baal,ª which¹ he had builtª° in Samaria.ª" {1Kg 16:31-32} + "And he did veryª abominablyª° in followingª²°¹ idols,ª according to all¹ [things] as¹ didª° the Amorites,ª whom¹ the LORDª cast outª° beforeª¹ the childrenª of Israel.ª" {1Kg 21:26} + "For [so] it was,¹ that¹ the childrenª of Israelª had sinnedª° against the LORDª their God,ª which had brought them upª°¹ out of the landª¹ of Egypt,ª from under¹¹ the handª of Pharaohª kingª of Egypt,ª and had fearedª° otherª gods,ª ... Therefore the LORDª was very² angryª°¹ with Israel,ª and removedª° them out of¹¹ his sight:ª there was none¹ leftª° but¹ the tribeª of Judahª only.¹" {2Kg 17:7-18}
"Thus she committedª° her whoredomsª with¹ them, with all¹ them [that were] the chosenª menª of Assyria,ª and with all¹ on whom¹ she doted:ª° with all¹ their idolsª she defiled²° herself.¹" {Ezk 23:7} + "Wherefore¹ I have deliveredª° her into the handª of her lovers,ª° into the handª of the Assyrians,ªª upon¹ whom¹ she doted.ª°" {Ezk 23:9} + "She dotedª° upon¹ the Assyriansªª [her] neighbours,ª captainsª and rulersª clothedª° most gorgeously,ª horsemenª riding²° upon¹ horses,ª all¹ of them desirableª young men.ª" {Ezk 23:12} + "And as soon as she sawª them with her eyes,ª she dotedª° upon¹ them, and sentª° messengersª unto¹ them into Chaldea.ª" {Ezk 23:16} + "For she dotedª° upon¹ their paramours,ª whose¹ fleshª [is as] the fleshª of asses,ª and whose issueª [is like] the issueª of horses.ª" {Ezk 23:20} + "Behold,¹ therefore¹ I will gatherª°¹ all¹ thy lovers,ª° with¹ whom¹ thou hast taken pleasure,ª° and all¹ [them] that¹ thou hast loved,ª° with¹ all¹ [them] that¹ thou hast hated;ª° I will even gatherª° them round aboutª¹ against¹ thee, and will discoverª° thy nakednessª unto¹ them, that they may seeª°¹ all¹ thy nakedness.ª" {Ezk 16:37} + "A droughtª [is] upon¹ her waters;ª and they shall be dried up:ª° for¹ it [is] the landª of graven images,ª and they¹ are madª° upon [their] idols.ª" {Jer 50:38}
on the:
"Thou hast played the whoreª° also with¹ the Assyrians,ªª because² thou wast unsatiable;²°¹¹¹ yea, thou hast played the harlotª° with them, and yet¹ couldest not¹ be satisfied.²¹" {Ezk 16:28} + "[And] Pulª the kingª of Assyriaª cameª° against¹ the land:ª and Menahemª gaveª° Pulª a thousandª talentsª of silver,ª that his handª might be¹ with¹ him to confirmª° the kingdomª in his hand.ª" {2Kg 15:19} + "So Ahazª sentª° messengersª to¹ Tiglathpileserª kingª of Assyria,ª saying,ª° I¹ [am] thy servantª and thy son:ª come up,ª° and saveª° me out of the handª¹ of the kingª of Syria,ª and out of the handª¹ of the kingª of Israel,ª which rise upª° against¹ me." {2Kg 16:7} + "Against¹ him came upª° Shalmaneserª kingª of Assyria;ª and Hosheaª became¹ his servant,ª and gaveª° him presents.ª" {2Kg 17:3} + "When Ephraimª sawª°¹ his sickness,ª and Judahª [saw]¹ his wound,ª then went²°¹ Ephraimª to¹ the Assyrian,ª and sentª° to¹ kingª Jareb:ª°²° yet couldª° he¹ not¹ healª° you, nor¹ cureª°¹ you of your wound.ª" {Hsa 5:13} + "For¹ they¹ are gone upª° to Assyria,ª a wild assª aloneª° by himself: Ephraimª hath hiredª° lovers.ª ... Yea,¹ though¹ they have hiredª° among the nations,ª now¹ will I gatherª° them, and they shall sorrowª° a littleª for the burdenª¹ of the kingª of princes.ª" {Hsa 8:9-10} + "It shall be also¹ carriedª° unto Assyriaª [for] a presentª to kingª Jareb:ª Ephraimª shall receiveª° shame,ª and Israelª shall be ashamedª° of his own counsel.ª¹" {Hsa 10:6} + "Ephraimª feedethª° on wind,ª and followeth²° after¹ the east wind:ª he dailyª¹ increasethª° liesª and desolation;ª and they do makeª° a covenantª with¹ the Assyrians,ª and oilª is carriedª° into Egypt.ª" {Hsa 12:1}

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