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{Ezekiel 23:22} Therefore, x3651 O Aholibah, 172 thus x3541 saith 559 z8804 the Lord 136 GOD; 3069 Behold, x2009 I will raise up 5782 z8688 x853 thy lovers 157 z8764 against x5921 thee, from whom x4480 x853 x834 thy mind 5315 is alienated, 5361 z8804 and I will bring 935 z8689 them against x5921 thee on every side; 5439 x4480
I will raise:
"Wherefore¹ I have deliveredª° her into the handª of her lovers,ª° into the handª of the Assyrians,ªª upon¹ whom¹ she doted.ª°" {Ezk 23:9} + "For¹ thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Behold,¹ I will deliverª° thee into the handª [of them] whom¹ thou hatest,ª° into the handª [of them] from whom¹ thy mindª is alienated:ª°¹" {Ezk 23:28} + "Behold,¹ therefore¹ I will gatherª°¹ all¹ thy lovers,ª° with¹ whom¹ thou hast taken pleasure,ª° and all¹ [them] that¹ thou hast loved,ª° with¹ all¹ [them] that¹ thou hast hated;ª° I will even gatherª° them round aboutª¹ against¹ thee, and will discoverª° thy nakednessª unto¹ them, that they may seeª°¹ all¹ thy nakedness.ª" {Ezk 16:37} + "O² Assyrian,ª the rodª of mine anger,ª and the staffª in their handª is mine indignation.ª ... I will sendª° him against an hypocriticalª nation,ª and against¹ the peopleª of my wrathª will I give him a charge,ª° to takeª° the spoil,ª and to takeª° the prey,ª and to tread them downª²° like the mireª of the streets.ª" {Isa 10:5-6} + "Then cameª° Isaiahª the prophetª unto¹ kingª Hezekiah,ª and saidª° unto¹ him, What¹ saidª° these¹ men?²¹ and from whenceª¹ cameª° they unto¹ thee? And Hezekiahª said,ª° They are comeª° from a farª countryª¹ unto¹ me, [even] from Babylon.ª¹ ... Then saidª° he, What¹ have they seenª° in thine house?ª And Hezekiahª answered,ª°¹ All¹ that¹ [is] in mine houseª have they seen:ª° there is¹ nothingª¹ among my treasuresª that¹ I have not¹ shewedª° them." {Isa 39:3-4} + "For,¹ lo,¹ I raise upª°¹ the Chaldeans,ª [that] bitterª and hastyª° nation,ª which shall marchª° through the breadthª of the land,ª to possessª° the dwellingplacesª [that are] not¹ theirs. ... And they¹ shall scoffª° at the kings,ª and the princesª° shall be a scornª unto them: they¹ shall derideª° every¹ strong hold;ª for they shall heapª° dust,ª and takeª° it." {Hab 1:6-10} + "Andª the¹ tenª hornsª whichª thou sawestª° uponª the¹ beast,ª theseª shall hateª° the¹ whore,ª andª shall makeª° herª desolateª° andª naked,ª andª shall eatª° her²¹ flesh,ª andª burnª° herª withª fire.ª" {Rev 17:16}
"And the Babyloniansªª cameª° to¹ her into the bedª of love,ª and they defiledª° her with their whoredom,ª and she was pollutedª° with them, and her mindª was alienatedª° from¹ them." {Ezk 23:17}
and I:
"Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª Behold,¹ a peopleª comethª° from the northª country,ª¹ and a greatª nationª shall be raisedª° from the sidesª¹ of the earth.ª ... They shall lay holdª° on bowª and spear;ª they¹ [are] cruel,ª and have no¹ mercy;ª° their voiceª roarethª° like the sea;ª and they rideª° upon¹ horses,ª set in arrayª° as menª for warª against¹ thee, O daughterª of Zion.ª" {Jer 6:22-23} + "Mine heritageª [is] unto me [as] a speckledª bird,ª the birdsª round aboutª [are] against¹ her; come²°¹ ye, assembleª° all¹ the beastsª of the field,ª comeª° to devour.ª ... The spoilersª° are comeª° upon¹ all¹ high placesª through the wilderness:ª for¹ the swordª of the LORDª shall devourª° from the [one] endª¹ of the landª even to¹ the [other] endª of the land:ª no¹¹ fleshª shall have peace.ª" {Jer 12:9-12}

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