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{Ezekiel 23:25} And I will set 5414 z8804 my jealousy 7068 against thee, and they shall deal 6213 z8804 furiously 2534 with x854 thee: they shall take away 5493 z8686 thy nose 639 and thine ears; 241 and thy remnant 319 shall fall 5307 z8799 by the sword: 2719 they x1992 shall take 3947 z8799 thy sons 1121 and thy daughters; 1323 and thy residue 319 shall be devoured 398 z8735 by the fire. 784
I will set:
"Thus shall mine angerª be accomplished,ª° and I will cause my furyª to restª° upon them, and I will be comforted:ª° and they shall knowª° that¹ I¹ the LORDª have spokenª° [it] in my zeal,ª when I have accomplishedª° my furyª in them." {Ezk 5:13} + "And it came to pass¹ in the sixthª year,ª in the sixthª [month], in the fifthª [day] of the month,ª [as] I¹ satª° in mine house,ª and the eldersª of Judahª satª° beforeª me, that the handª of the Lordª GODª fellª° there¹ upon¹ me. ... Therefore will I¹ also¹ dealª° in fury:ª mine eyeª shall not¹ spare,ª° neither¹ will I have pity:ª° and though they cryª° in mine earsª with a loudª voice,ª [yet] will I not¹ hearª° them." {Ezk 8:1-18} + "And I will judgeª° thee, as women that break wedlockª° and shedª° bloodª are judged;ª and I will giveª° thee bloodª in furyª and jealousy.ª ... So will I make my furyª toward thee to rest,ª° and my jealousyª shall departª° from¹ thee, and I will be quiet,ª° and will be no¹ more¹ angry.ª°" {Ezk 16:38-42} + "For¹ thou shalt worshipª° no¹ otherª god:ª for¹ the LORD,ª whose nameª [is] Jealous,ª [is] a jealousª God:ª" {Exd 34:14} + "The LORDª willª° not¹ spareª° him, but¹ then¹ the angerª of the LORDª and his jealousyª shall smokeª° against that¹ man,ª and all¹ the cursesª that are writtenª° in this¹ bookª shall lieª° upon him, and the LORDª shall blot outª°¹ his nameª from under¹¹ heaven.ª" {Deu 29:20} + "They¹ have moved me to jealousyª° with [that which is] notª God;ª they have provoked me to angerª° with their vanities:ª and I¹ will move them to jealousyª° with [those which are] not¹ a people;ª I will provoke them to angerª° with a foolishª nation.ª ... For¹ a fireª is kindledª° in mine anger,ª and shall burnª° unto¹ the lowestª hell,ª and shall consumeª° the earthª with her increase,ª and set on fireª° the foundations²¹ of the mountains.ª" {Deu 32:21-22} + "For¹ jealousyª [is] the rageª of a man:ª therefore he will not¹ spareª° in the dayª of vengeance.ª" {Prv 6:34} + "Setª° me as a sealª upon¹ thine heart,ª as a sealª upon¹ thine arm:ª for¹ loveª [is] strongª as death;ª jealousyª [is] cruelª as the grave:ª the coalsª thereof [are] coalsª of fire,ª [which hath a] most vehement flame.ª" {Sgs 8:6} + "Neither¹¹ their silverª nor¹ their goldª shall be ableª° to deliverª° them in the dayª of the LORD'Sª wrath;ª but the whole¹ landª shall be devouredª° by the fireª of his jealousy:ª for¹ he shall makeª° even¹ a speedyª° riddanceª of¹ all¹ them that dwellª° in the land.ª" {Zph 1:18}
they shall take away:
This refers to the severe vengeance which enraged husbands took on their faithless wives, and implies that God would employ the Chaldeans to destroy the princes and priests of Judah, for violating their covenants and treaties. Such punishments were anciently common; and such is the present practice in one of the South Sea Islands.
they shall take thy:
"And the companyª shall stoneª°¹ them with stones,ª and dispatchª° them with their swords;ª they shall slayª° their sonsª and their daughters,ª and burn upª° their housesª with fire.ª" {Ezk 23:47} + "And I will not¹ have mercy²° upon¹ her children;ª for¹ they¹ [be] the childrenª of whoredoms.ª ... For¹ their motherª hath played the harlot:ª° she that conceivedª° them hath done shamefully:²°¹ for¹ she said,ª° I will go²°¹ afterª my lovers,ª° that giveª° [me] my breadª and my water,ª my woolª and my flax,ª mine oilª and my drink.ª" {Hsa 2:4-5}
thy residue:
"Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª As¹ the vineª treeª among the treesª of the forest,ª which¹ I have givenª° to the fireª for fuel,ª so¹ will I giveª°¹ the inhabitantsª° of Jerusalem.ª ... And I will setª°¹ my faceª against them; they shall go outª° from [one] fire,ª and [another] fireª shall devourª° them; and ye shall knowª° that¹ I¹ [am] the LORD,ª when I setª°¹ my faceª against them." {Ezk 15:6-7} + "And sayª° to the forestª of the south,ª Hearª° the wordª of the LORD;ª Thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Behold,¹ I will kindleª° a fireª in thee, and it shall devourª° every¹ greenª treeª in thee, and every¹ dryª tree:ª the flamingª flameª shall not¹ be quenched,ª° and all¹ facesª from the southª¹ to the northª shall be burnedª° therein. ... And all¹ fleshª shall seeª° that¹ I¹ the LORDª have kindledª° it: it shall not¹ be quenched.ª°" {Ezk 20:47-48} + "Sonª of man,ª the houseª of Israelª is to me become¹ dross:ª all¹ they [are] brass,ª and tin,ª and iron,ª and lead,ª in the midstª of the furnace;ª they are¹ [even] the drossª of silver.ª ... As silverª is meltedª in the midstª of the furnace,ª so¹ shall ye be meltedª° in the midstª thereof; and ye shall knowª° that¹ I¹ the LORDª have poured outª° my furyª upon¹ you." {Ezk 22:18-22} + "Thereforeªª shall²° her²¹ plaguesª comeª° inª oneª day,ª death,ª andª mourning,ª andª famine;ª andª she shall be utterly burnedª° withª fire:ª forª strongª [is] the Lordª Godª who² judgethª° her.ª" {Rev 18:8}

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