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{Ezekiel 23:26} They shall also strip 6584 z8689 thee out of x854 thy clothes, 899 and take away 3947 z8804 thy fair 8597 jewels. 3627
"And they shall dealª° with¹ thee hatefully,ª and shall take awayª° all¹ thy labour,ª and shall leaveª° thee nakedª and bare:ª and the nakednessª of thy whoredomsª shall be discovered,ª° both thy lewdnessª and thy whoredoms.ª" {Ezk 23:29} + "And of thy garmentsª¹ thou didst take,ª° and deckedstª° thy high placesª with divers colours,ª° and playedst the harlotª° thereupon:¹ [the like things] shall not¹ come,ª° neither¹ shall it be¹ [so]." {Ezk 16:16} + "Behold,¹ therefore¹ I will gatherª°¹ all¹ thy lovers,ª° with¹ whom¹ thou hast taken pleasure,ª° and all¹ [them] that¹ thou hast loved,ª° with¹ all¹ [them] that¹ thou hast hated;ª° I will even gatherª° them round aboutª¹ against¹ thee, and will discoverª° thy nakednessª unto¹ them, that they may seeª°¹ all¹ thy nakedness.ª" {Ezk 16:37} + "And I will also giveª° thee into their hand,ª and they shall throw downª° thine eminent place,ª and shall break downª° thy high places:ª they shall stripª° thee also of thy clothes,ª and shall takeª° thy fairª jewels,ª and leave²°¹ thee nakedª and bare.ª" {Ezk 16:39} + "And if¹ thou sayª° in thine heart,ª Wherefore¹ comeª° these things¹ upon me? For the greatnessª of thine iniquityª are thy skirtsª discovered,ª° [and] thy heelsª made bare.ª°" {Jer 13:22} + "Lest¹ I stripª° her naked,ª and setª° her as in the dayª that she was born,ª° and makeª° her as a wilderness,ª and setª° her like a dryª land,ª and slayª° her with thirst.ª" {Hsa 2:3} + "Therefore¹ will I return,ª° and take awayª° my cornª in the timeª thereof, and my wineª in the seasonª thereof, and will recoverª° my woolª and my flaxª [given] to coverª°¹ her nakedness.ª ... And now¹ will I discoverª°¹ her lewdnessª in the sightª of her lovers,ª° and noneª¹ shall deliverª° her out of mine hand.ª¹" {Hsa 2:9-10} + "Andª the¹ tenª hornsª whichª thou sawestª° uponª the¹ beast,ª theseª shall hateª° the¹ whore,ª andª shall makeª° herª desolateª° andª naked,ª andª shall eatª° her²¹ flesh,ª andª burnª° herª withª fire.ª" {Rev 17:16} + "Andª the¹ fruitsª that thyª soulª lusted afterª are departedª° fromª thee,ª andª all thingsª which² were daintyª andª goodlyª are departedª° fromª thee,ª andª thou shalt findª° themª no more² at all.ª¹ ... Forª in oneª hourª so greatª richesª is come to nought.ª° Andª everyª shipmaster,ª andª allª the¹ companyª inª ships,ª andª sailors,ª andª as many asª tradeª° by sea,ª stoodª° afar² off,ª¹" {Rev 18:14-17}
fair jewels:
Heb. instruments of thy decking, "Therefore the Lordª will smite with a scabª° the crown of the headª of the daughtersª of Zion,ª and the LORDª will discoverª° their secret parts.ª ... And it shall come to pass,¹ [that] instead¹ of sweet smellª there shall be¹ stink;ª and instead¹ of a girdleª a rent;ª and instead¹ of well setª hairª baldness;ª and instead¹ of a stomacherª a girdingª of sackcloth;ª [and] burningª instead¹ of beauty.ª" {Isa 3:17-24} + "Whoseª adorningª let it²° notª beª° that¹ outwardª [adorning] of plaitingª the hair,ª andª of wearingª of gold,ª orª of putting onª of apparel;ª ... Butª [let it be] the¹ hiddenª manª of the¹ heart,ª inª that which is not corruptible,ª [even the ornament] of a meekª andª quietª spirit,ª whichª isª° in the sightª of Godª of great price.ª" {1Pe 3:3-4}

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