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{Ezekiel 38:9} Thou shalt ascend 5927 z8804 and come 935 z8799 like a storm, 7722 thou shalt be x1961 like a cloud 6051 to cover 3680 z8763 the land, 776 thou, x859 and all x3605 thy bands, 102 and many 7227 people 5971 with x854 thee.
shalt ascend:
"Sayª° unto¹ them which daubª° [it] with untemperedª [morter], that it shall fall:ª° there shall be¹ an overflowingª° shower;ª and ye,ª O great hailstones,ªª shall fall;ª° and a stormyª windª shall rendª° [it]." {Ezk 13:11} + "The burdenª of the desertª of the sea.ª As whirlwindsª in the southª pass²° through;¹ [so] it comethª° from the desert,ª¹ from a terribleª° land.ª¹ ... A grievousª visionª is declaredª° unto me; the treacherous dealerª° dealeth treacherously,ª° and the spoilerª° spoileth.ª° Go up,ª° O Elam:ª besiege,ª° O Media;ª all¹ the sighingª thereof have I made to cease.ª°" {Isa 21:1-2} + "For¹ thou hast been¹ a strengthª to the poor,ª a strengthª to the needyª in his distress,ª a refugeª from the storm,ª¹ a shadowª from the heat,ª¹ when¹ the blastª of the terrible onesª [is] as a stormª [against] the wall.ª" {Isa 25:4} + "Behold,¹ the Lordª hath a mightyª and strong one,ª [which] as a tempestª of hailª [and] a destroyingª storm,ª as a floodª of mightyª watersª overflowing,ª° shall cast down²°¹ to the earthª with the hand.ª" {Isa 28:2} + "And at the timeª of the endª shall the kingª of the southª pushª° at¹ him: and the kingª of the northª shall come against him like a whirlwind,ª°¹ with chariots,ª and with horsemen,ª and with manyª ships;ª and he shall enterª° into the countries,ª and shall overflowª° and pass over.ª°" {Dan 11:40}
"And thou shalt come upª° against¹ my peopleª of Israel,ª as a cloudª to coverª° the land;ª it shall be¹ in the latterª days,ª and I will bringª° thee against¹ my land,ª that¹ the heathenª may knowª° me, when I shall be sanctifiedª° in thee, O Gog,ª before their eyes.ª" {Ezk 38:16} + "Behold,¹ he shall come upª° as clouds,ª and his chariotsª [shall be] as a whirlwind:ª his horsesª are swifterª° than eagles.ª¹ Woeª unto us! for¹ we are spoiled.ª°" {Jer 4:13} + "A dayª of darknessª and of gloominess,ª a dayª of cloudsª and of thick darkness,ª as the morningª spreadª° upon¹ the mountains:ª a greatª peopleª and a strong;ª there hath not¹ beenª° everª¹ the like,¹ neither¹ shall be any moreª° afterª it, [even] to¹ the yearsª of many² generations.ª" {Jol 2:2}
all thy:
"Associateª° yourselves, O ye people,ª and ye shall be broken¹ in pieces;²° and give ear,ª° allª ye of farª countries:ª gird²° yourselves,¹ and ye shall be broken¹ in pieces;²° gird²° yourselves,¹ and ye shall be broken¹ in pieces.²° ... Take²° counsel² together,ª°¹ and it shall come to nought;ª° speakª° the word,ª and it shall not¹ stand:ª° for¹ Godª [is] with us.¹" {Isa 8:9-10}

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