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{Hosea 2:13} And I will visit 6485 z8804 upon x5921 her x853 the days 3117 of Baalim, 1168 wherein x834 she burned incense 6999 z8686 to them, and she decked 5710 z8799 herself with her earrings 5141 and her jewels, 2484 and she went y3212 z8799 x1980 after 310 her lovers, 157 z8764 and forgat 7911 z8804 me, saith 5002 z8803 the LORD. 3068
I will visit:
"The daysª of visitationª are come,ª° the daysª of recompenceª are come;ª° Israelª shall knowª° [it]: the prophetª [is] a fool,ª the spiritualª manª [is] mad,ª° for¹ the multitudeª of thine iniquity,ª and the greatª hatred.ª" {Hsa 9:7} + "They have deeplyª° corruptedª° [themselves], as in the daysª of Gibeah:ª [therefore] he will rememberª° their iniquity,ª he will visitª° their sins.ª" {Hsa 9:9} + "Therefore now¹ go,²°¹ leadª°¹ the peopleª unto¹ [the place] of which¹ I have spokenª° unto thee: behold,¹ mine Angelª shall go²°¹ beforeª thee: nevertheless in the dayª when I visitª° I will visitª° their sinª upon¹ them." {Exd 32:34} + "Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORDª Godª of Israelª against¹ the pastorsª° that feedª°¹ my people;ª Ye¹ have scatteredª°¹ my flock,ª and driven them away,ª° and have not¹ visitedª° them: behold,¹ I will visitª° upon¹ you¹ the evilª of your doings,ª saithª° the LORD.ª" {Jer 23:2}
the days:
"I foundª° Israelª like grapesª in the wilderness;ª I sawª° your fathersª as the firstripeª in the fig treeª at her first time:ª [but] they¹ wentª° to Baalpeor,ª and separated²° themselves¹ unto [that] shame;ª and [their] abominationsª were¹ according as they loved.ª°" {Hsa 9:10} + "When Ephraimª spakeª° trembling,ª he¹ exaltedª° himself in Israel;ª but when he offendedª° in Baal,ª he died.ª°" {Hsa 13:1} + "And the childrenª of Israelª didª°¹ evilª in the sightª of the LORD,ª and servedª°¹ Baalim:ª ... And they forsookª°¹ the LORD,ª and servedª° Baalª and Ashtaroth.ª" {Jdg 2:11-13} + "And the childrenª of Israelª didª°¹ evilª in the sightª of the LORD,ª and forgatª°¹ the LORDª their God,ª and servedª°¹ Baalimª and the groves.ª" {Jdg 3:7} + "And the childrenª of Israelª didª° evilª againª° in the sightª of the LORD,ª and servedª°¹ Baalim,ª and Ashtaroth,ª and the godsª of Syria,ª and the godsª of Zidon,ª and the godsª of Moab,ª and the godsª of the childrenª of Ammon,ª and the godsª of the Philistines,ª and forsookª°¹ the LORD,ª and servedª° not¹ him." {Jdg 10:6} + "And it came to pass,¹ as if it had been a light thingª° for him to walk²°¹ in the sinsª of Jeroboamª the sonª of Nebat,ª that he tookª° to wifeª¹ Jezebelª the daughterª of Ethbaalª kingª of the Zidonians,ª and went²°¹ and servedª°¹ Baal,ª and worshippedª° him. ... And he reared upª° an altarª for Baalª in the houseª of Baal,ª which¹ he had builtª° in Samaria.ª" {1Kg 16:31-32} + "And he answered,ª° I have not¹ troubledª°¹ Israel;ª but¹¹ thou,¹ and thy father'sª house,ª in that ye have forsakenª°¹ the commandmentsª of the LORD,ª and thou hast followedª²°¹ Baalim.ª ... And Elijahª saidª° unto them, Takeª°¹ the prophetsª of Baal;ª let not¹ oneª of them¹ escape.ª° And they tookª° them: and Elijahª brought them downª° to¹ the brookª Kishon,ª and slewª° them there.¹" {1Kg 18:18-40} + "And Ahaziahª fell downª° through¹ a latticeª in his upper chamberª that¹ [was] in Samaria,ª and was sick:ª° and he sentª° messengers,ª and saidª° unto¹ them, Go,²°¹ enquireª° of Baalzebubª the godª of Ekronª whether¹ I shall recoverª° of this disease.ª¹¹" {2Kg 1:2} + "Thus Jehuª destroyedª°¹ Baalª out of Israel.ª¹" {2Kg 10:28} + "For he built upª° againª°¹ the high placesª which¹ Hezekiahª his fatherª had destroyed;ª° and he reared upª° altarsª for Baal,ª and madeª° a grove,ª as¹ didª° Ahabª kingª of Israel;ª and worshippedª° all¹ the hostª of heaven,ª and servedª° them." {2Kg 21:3}
she burned:
"[As] they calledª° them, so¹ they wentª° from¹¹ them:² they sacrificedª° unto Baalim,ª and burned incenseª° to graven images.ª" {Hsa 11:2} + "Will ye steal,ª° murder,ª° and commit adultery,ª° and swearª° falsely,ª and burn incenseª° unto Baal,ª and walkª° afterª otherª godsª whom¹ ye knowª° not;¹" {Jer 7:9} + "For¹ [according to] the numberª of thy citiesª were¹ thy gods,ª O Judah;ª and [according to] the numberª of the streetsª of Jerusalemª have ye set upª° altarsª to [that] shameful thing,ª [even] altarsª to burn incenseª° unto Baal.ª" {Jer 11:13} + "Because¹ my peopleª hath forgottenª° me, they have burned incenseª° to vanity,ª and they have caused them to stumbleª° in their waysª [from] the ancientª paths,ª° to walk²°¹ in paths,ª [in] a wayª not¹ cast up;ª°" {Jer 18:15}
she decked:
"And furthermore,ª that¹ ye have sentª° for men²¹ to comeª° from far,ª¹ unto¹ whom¹ a messengerª [was] sent;ª° and, lo,¹ they came:ª° for whom¹ thou didst washª° thyself, paintedstª° thy eyes,ª and deckedstª° thyself with ornaments,ª ... And a voiceª of a multitudeª being at easeª [was] with her: and with¹ the men²¹ of the common sortªª¹ [were] broughtª° Sabeansª°²° from the wilderness,ª¹ which putª° braceletsª upon¹ their hands,ª and beautifulª crownsª upon¹ their heads.ª" {Ezk 23:40-42}
she went:
"For¹ their motherª hath played the harlot:ª° she that conceivedª° them hath done shamefully:²°¹ for¹ she said,ª° I will go²°¹ afterª my lovers,ª° that giveª° [me] my breadª and my water,ª my woolª and my flax,ª mine oilª and my drink.ª" {Hsa 2:5} + "And she shall follow²° after¹¹ her lovers,ª° but she shall not¹ overtakeª° them; and she shall seekª° them, but shall not¹ findª° [them]: then shall she say,ª° I will go²°¹ and returnª° to¹ my firstª husband;ª for¹ then¹ [was it] betterª with me than now.ª¹" {Hsa 2:7} + "How¹ canst thou say,ª° I am not¹ polluted,ª° I have not¹ goneª° afterª Baalim?ª seeª° thy wayª in the valley,ª knowª° what¹ thou hast done:ª° [thou art] a swiftª dromedaryª traversingª° her ways;ª ... Withholdª° thy footª from being unshod,ª¹ and thy throatª from thirst:ª¹ but thou saidst,ª° There is no hope:ª° no;¹ for¹ I have lovedª° strangers,ª° and afterª them will I go.²°¹" {Jer 2:23-25}
"[Then] bewareª° lest¹ thou forgetª°¹ the LORD,ª which¹ brought thee forthª° out of the landª¹ of Egypt,ª from the houseª¹ of bondage.ª" {Deu 6:12} + "Bewareª° that thou forget²° not¹¹¹ the LORDª thy God,ª in not¹ keepingª° his commandments,ª and his judgments,ª and his statutes,ª which¹ I¹ commandª° thee this day:ª ... Then thine heartª be lifted up,ª° and thou forgetª°¹ the LORDª thy God,ª which brought thee forthª° out of the landª¹ of Egypt,ª from the houseª¹ of bondage;ª" {Deu 8:11-14} + "Of the Rockª [that] begatª° thee thou art unmindful,ª° and hast forgottenª° Godª that formedª° thee." {Deu 32:18} + "And the childrenª of Israelª didª°¹ evilª in the sightª of the LORD,ª and forgatª°¹ the LORDª their God,ª and servedª°¹ Baalimª and the groves.ª" {Jdg 3:7} + "And when they forgatª°¹ the LORDª their God,ª he soldª° them into the handª of Sisera,ª captainª of the hostª of Hazor,ª and into the handª of the Philistines,ª and into the handª of the kingª of Moab,ª and they foughtª° against them." {1Sm 12:9} + "So¹ [are] the pathsª of all¹ that forgetª° God;ª and the hypocrite'sª hopeª shall perish:ª°" {Job 8:13} + "And forgatª° his works,ª and his wondersª° that¹ he had shewedª° them." {Psa 78:11} + "They soonª° forgatª° his works;ª they waitedª° not¹ for his counsel:ª" {Psa 106:13} + "They forgatª° Godª their saviour,ª° which had doneª° great thingsª in Egypt;ª" {Psa 106:21} + "Because¹ thou hast forgottenª° the Godª of thy salvation,ª and hast not¹ been mindfulª° of the rockª of thy strength,ª therefore¹¹ shalt thou plantª° pleasantª plants,ª and shalt setª° it with strangeª° slips:ª" {Isa 17:10} + "Can a maidª forgetª° her ornaments,ª [or] a brideª her attire?ª yet my peopleª have forgottenª° me daysª without¹ number.ª" {Jer 2:32} + "In thee have they takenª° giftsª to¹ shedª° blood;ª thou hast takenª° usuryª and increase,ª and thou hast greedily gainedª° of thy neighboursª by extortion,ª and hast forgottenª° me, saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 22:12} + "Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Because¹ thou hast forgottenª° me, and castª° me behindª thy back,ª therefore bearª° thou¹ also¹ thy lewdnessª and thy whoredoms.ª" {Ezk 23:35}

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