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{Hosea 8:2} Israel 3478 shall cry 2199 z8799 unto me, My God, 430 we know 3045 z8804 thee.
"I will go²°¹ [and] returnª° to¹ my place,ª till¹¹ they acknowledge their offence,ª° and seekª° my face:ª in their afflictionª they will seek me early.ª°" {Hsa 5:15} + "Woeª unto them! for¹ they have fledª° from¹ me: destructionª unto them! because¹ they have transgressedª° against me: though I¹ have redeemedª° them, yet they¹ have spokenª° liesª against¹ me. ... And they have not¹ criedª° unto¹ me with their heart,ª when¹ they howledª° upon¹ their beds:ª they assemble²° themselves¹ for¹ cornª and wine,ª [and] they rebelª° against me." {Hsa 7:13-14} + "And he said,ª° Come²°¹ with¹ me, and seeª° my zealª for the LORD.ª So they made him rideª° in his chariot.ª" {2Kg 10:16} + "Howbeit¹ [from] the sinsª of Jeroboamª the sonª of Nebat,ª who¹ made¹ Israelª to sin,ª° Jehuª departedª° not¹ from afterª¹ them, [to wit], the goldenª calvesª that¹ [were] in Bethel,ª and that¹ [were] in Dan.ª" {2Kg 10:29} + "When¹ he slewª° them, then they soughtª° him: and they returnedª° and enquired earlyª° after God.ª ... For their heartª was not rightª°¹ with¹ him, neither¹ were they stedfastª° in his covenant.ª" {Psa 78:34-37} + "Hearª° ye this,¹ O houseª of Jacob,ª which are calledª° by the nameª of Israel,ª and are come forthª° out of the watersª¹ of Judah,ª which swearª° by the nameª of the LORD,ª and make mentionª° of the Godª of Israel,ª [but] not¹ in truth,ª nor¹ in righteousness.ª ... For¹ they call²° themselves¹ of the holyª city,ª¹ and stay²° themselves¹ upon¹ the Godª of Israel;ª The LORDª of hostsª [is] his name.ª" {Isa 48:1-2} + "Trustª° ye not¹ in¹ lyingª words,ª saying,ª° The templeª of the LORD,ª The templeª of the LORD,ª The templeª of the LORD,ª [are] these.¹" {Jer 7:4} + "The headsª thereof judgeª° for reward,ª and the priestsª thereof teachª° for hire,ª and the prophetsª thereof divineª° for money:ª yet will they leanª° upon¹ the LORD,ª and say,ª° [Is] not¹ the LORDª amongª us? none¹ evilª can comeª° upon¹ us." {Mic 3:11} + "Notª every oneª that saithª° unto me,ª Lord,ª Lord,ª shall enterª° intoª the¹ kingdomª of heaven;ª butª he that doethª° the¹ willª of myª Fatherª which¹ is inª heaven.ª" {Mtt 7:21} + "¹ Afterwardª² cameª° alsoª the¹ otherª virgins,ª saying,ª° Lord,ª Lord,ª openª° to us.ª" {Mtt 25:11} + "When onceªªª the¹ master of the houseª is risen up,ª° andª hath shut²° to¹ the¹ door,ª andª ye beginª° to standª° without,ª andª to knockª° at the¹ door,ª saying,ª° Lord,ª Lord,ª openª° unto us;ª andª he shall answerª° and sayª° unto you,ª I knowª° youª notª whenceª ye are:ª°" {Lke 13:25} + "They professª° that they knowª° God;ª butª in worksª they denyª° [him], beingª° abominable,ª andª disobedient,ª andª untoª everyª goodª workª reprobate.ª" {Tts 1:16} + "He that saith,ª° I knowª° him,ª andª keepethª° notª his²¹ commandments,ª isª° a liar,ª andª the¹ truthª isª° notª inª him.ª" {1Jn 2:4}

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