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{Nahum 2:2} For x3588 the LORD 3068 hath turned away 7725 z8804 x853 the excellency 1347 of Jacob, 3290 as the excellency 1347 of Israel: 3478 for x3588 the emptiers 1238 z8802 have emptied x1238 them out, y1238 z8804 and marred 7843 z8765 their vine branches. 2156
"O² Assyrian,ª the rodª of mine anger,ª and the staffª in their handª is mine indignation.ª ... Wherefore it shall come to pass,¹ [that] when¹ the Lordª hath performedª° his¹ whole¹ workª upon mountª Zionª and on Jerusalem,ª I will punishª°¹ the fruitª of the stoutª heartª of the kingª of Assyria,ª and¹ the gloryª of his highª looks.ª" {Isa 10:5-12} + "For,¹ lo,¹ I¹ beginª° to bring evilª° on the cityª which¹ is calledª° by¹ my name,ª and should ye¹ be utterly²° unpunished?ª° Ye shall not¹ be unpunished:ª° for¹ I¹ will call²° for¹ a swordª upon¹ all¹ the inhabitantsª° of the earth,ª saithª° the LORDª of hosts.ª" {Jer 25:29}
excellency of Jacob as the excellency:
or, the pride of Jacob as the pride, "In that¹ dayª shalt thou not¹ be ashamedª° for all¹¹ thy doings,ª wherein¹ thou hast transgressedª° against me: for¹ then¹ I will take awayª° out of the midstª¹ of thee them that rejoiceª in thy pride,ª and thou shalt no¹ moreª°¹ be haughtyª° because of my holyª mountain.ª" {Zph 3:11}
"Josephª [is] a fruitfulª° bough,ª [even] a fruitfulª° boughª by¹ a well;ª [whose] branchesª runª° over¹ the wall:ª ... The archersªª have sorely grieved¹ him,²° and shotª° [at him], and hated¹ him:²°" {Gen 49:22-23} + "Why¹ hast thou [then] broken downª° her hedges,ª so that all¹ they which pass²° by¹ the wayª do pluckª° her? ... The boarª out of the woodª¹ doth wasteª° it, and the wild beastª of the fieldª doth devourª° it." {Psa 80:12-13} + "If¹ grapegatherersª° comeª° to thee, would they not¹ leaveª° [some] gleaning grapes?ª if¹ thievesª by night,ª they will destroyª° till they have enough.ª" {Jer 49:9} + "Israelª [is] an emptyª° vine,ª he bringeth forthª° fruitª unto himself: according to the multitudeª of his fruitª he hath increasedª° the altars;ª according to the goodnessª of his landª they have made goodly²°¹ images.ª" {Hsa 10:1}

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