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{Haggai 2:14} Then answered 6030 z8799 Haggai, 2292 and said, 559 z8799 So x3651 [is] this x2088 people, 5971 and so x3651 [is] this x2088 nation 1471 before 6440 me, saith 5002 z8803 the LORD; 3068 and so x3651 [is] every x3605 work 4639 of their hands; 3027 and that which x834 they offer 7126 z8686 there x8033 [is] unclean. 2931
So is this people:
"[Is it] timeª for you, O ye,¹ to dwellª° in your cieledª° houses,ª and this¹ houseª [lie] waste?ª ... And I calledª° for a droughtª upon¹ the land,ª and upon¹ the mountains,ª and upon¹ the corn,ª and upon¹ the new wine,ª and upon¹ the oil,ª and upon¹ [that] which¹ the groundª bringeth forth,ª° and upon¹ men,ª and upon¹ cattle,ª and upon¹ all¹ the labourª of the hands.ª" {Hgg 1:4-11} + "The sacrificeª of the wickedª [is] an abominationª to the LORD:ª but the prayerª of the uprightª [is] his delight.ª" {Prv 15:8} + "An highª look,ª and a proudª heart,ª [and] the plowingª of the wicked,ª [is] sin.ª" {Prv 21:4} + "The sacrificeª of the wickedª [is] abomination:ª how much more,¹¹ [when] he bringethª° it with a wicked mind?ª" {Prv 21:27} + "He that turneth awayª° his earª from hearingª°¹ the law,ª even¹ his prayerª [shall be] abomination.ª" {Prv 28:9} + "To whatª purpose [is] the multitudeª of your sacrificesª unto me? saithª° the LORD:ª I am fullª° of the burnt offeringsª of rams,ª and the fatª of fed beasts;ª and I delightª° not¹ in the bloodª of bullocks,ª or of lambs,ª or of he goats.ª ... And when ye spread forthª° your hands,ª I will hideª° mine eyesª from¹ you: yea,¹ when¹ ye make manyª° prayers,ª I will not¹ hear:ª° your handsª are fullª° of blood.ª" {Isa 1:11-15} + "Unto the¹ pureª all thingsª [are]¹ pure:ª² butª unto them¹ that are defiledª° andª unbelievingª [is] nothingª pure;ª butª evenª theirª mindª andª conscienceª is defiled.ª°" {Tts 1:15} + "Andª othersª saveª° withª fear,ª pullingª° [them] out ofª the¹ fire;ª hatingª° evenª the¹ garmentª spotted²°¹ byª the¹ flesh.ª" {Jde 1:23}
and that:
"Then stood upª° Jeshuaª the sonª of Jozadak,ª and his brethrenª the priests,ª and Zerubbabelª the sonª of Shealtiel,ª and his brethren,ª and buildedª°¹ the altarª of the Godª of Israel,ª to offerª° burnt offeringsª thereon,¹ as [it is] writtenª° in the lawª of Mosesª the manª of God.ª ... And they setª° the altarª upon¹ his bases;ª for¹ fearª [was] upon¹ them because of the peopleª¹ of those countries:ª and they offeredª° burnt offeringsª thereon¹ unto the LORD,ª [even] burnt offeringsª morningª and evening.ª" {Ezr 3:2-3}

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