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{Haggai 2:22} And I will overthrow 2015 z8804 the throne 3678 of kingdoms, 4467 and I will destroy 8045 z8689 the strength 2392 of the kingdoms 4467 of the heathen; 1471 and I will overthrow 2015 z8804 the chariots, 4818 and those that ride 7392 z8802 in them; and the horses 5483 and their riders 7392 z8802 shall come down, 3381 z8804 every one 376 by the sword 2719 of his brother. 251
"For¹ the nationª and kingdomª that¹ will not¹ serveª° thee shall perish;ª° yea, [those] nationsª shall be utterly²° wasted.ª°" {Isa 60:12} + "I will¹ overturn,ª overturn,ª overturn,ª it: and¹ it¹ shall be²°¹ no¹ [more], until¹ he comeª° whose¹ rightª it is; and I will giveª° it [him]." {Ezk 21:27} + "Thou sawestªª°° tillª that¹ a stoneª was cut outª° withoutª¹ hands,ª which smoteª° the imageª uponª his feetª [that were] of¹ ironª and clay,ª and brake²° them² to pieces.ª°¹ ... Thenª was the iron,ª the clay,ª the brass,ª the silver,ª and the gold,ª broken to piecesª°²° together,ª and becameª° like the chaffª ofª the summerª threshingfloors;ª and the windª carried²° them² away,ª°¹ that² noª¹ placeª was foundª° for them: and the stoneª that¹ smoteª° the imageª becameª° a greatª mountain,ª and filledª° the wholeª earth.ª" {Dan 2:34-35} + "And in the daysª of¹ theseª kingsª shall the Godª of heavenª set upª° a kingdom,ª which¹ shall neverªª be destroyed:ª° and the kingdomª shall notª be leftª° to otherª people,ª [but] it shall break in piecesª° and consumeª° allª theseª kingdoms,ª and itª shall standª° for ever.ª ... Forasmuch asªª¹ thou sawestª° that¹ the stoneª was cut outª° of the mountainª¹ withoutª¹ hands,ª and that it brake in piecesª° the iron,ª the brass,ª the clay,ª the silver,ª and the gold;ª the greatª Godª hath made knownª° to the kingª whatª¹ shall come to passª° hereafter:ªª and the dreamª [is] certain,ª and the interpretationª thereof sure.ª°" {Dan 2:44-45} + "And he shall speakª° [great] wordsª againstª the most High,ª and shall wear outª° the saintsª of the most High,ª and thinkª° to changeª° timesª and laws:ª and they shall be givenª° into his handª untilª a timeª and timesª and the dividingª of time.ª ... And the kingdomª and dominion,ª and the greatnessª of¹ the kingdomª underª the wholeª heaven,ª shall be givenª° to the peopleª of the saintsª of the most High,ª whose kingdomª [is] an everlastingª kingdom,ª and allª dominionsª shall serveª° and obeyª° him." {Dan 7:25-27} + "And through¹ his policyª also he shall cause craftª to prosperª° in his hand;ª and he shall magnifyª° [himself] in his heart,ª and by peaceª shall destroyª° many:ª he shall also stand upª° against¹ the Princeª of princes;ª but he shall be brokenª° withoutª hand.ª" {Dan 8:25} + "And the remnantª of Jacobª shall be¹ among the Gentilesª in the midstª of manyª peopleª as a lionª among the beastsª of the forest,ª as a young lionª among the flocksª of sheep:ª who,¹ if¹ he go through,ª° both treadeth down,ª° and teareth in pieces,ª° and none¹ can deliver.ª°" {Mic 5:8} + "And I will executeª° vengeanceª in angerª and furyª upon¹ the heathen,ª such as¹ they have not¹ heard.ª°" {Mic 5:15} + "Therefore¹ waitª° ye upon me, saithª° the LORD,ª until the dayª that I rise upª° to the prey:ª for¹ my determinationª [is] to gatherª° the nations,ª that I may assembleª° the kingdoms,ª to pourª° upon¹ them mine indignation,ª [even] all¹ my fierceª anger:ª for¹ all¹ the earthª shall be devouredª° with the fireª of my jealousy.ª" {Zph 3:8} + "And he shall pass¹ through²° the seaª with affliction,ª and shall smiteª° the wavesª in the sea,ª and all¹ the deepsª of the riverª shall dry up:ª° and the prideª of Assyriaª shall be brought down,ª° and the sceptreª of Egyptª shall depart away.ª°" {Zch 10:11} + "Behold,¹ I¹ will makeª°¹ Jerusalemª a cupª of tremblingª unto all¹ the peopleª round about,ª when they shall be¹ in the siegeª both¹ against¹ Judahª [and] against¹ Jerusalem.ª ... And the governorsª of Judahª shall sayª° in their heart,ª The inhabitantsª° of Jerusalemª [shall be] my strengthª in the LORDª of hostsª their God.ª" {Zch 12:2-5} + "Then shall the LORDª go forth,ª° and fight²° against¹ those¹ nations,ª as whenª he foughtª° in the dayª of battle.ª" {Zch 14:3} + "Forª nationª shall riseª° againstª nation,ª andª kingdomª againstª kingdom:ª andª there shall beª° famines,ª andª pestilences,ª andª earthquakes,ª in¹ divers² places.ª" {Mtt 24:7} + "Andª the¹ seventhª angelª sounded;ª° andª there wereª° greatª voicesª inª heaven,ª saying,ª° The¹ kingdomsª of this worldª are becomeª° [the kingdoms] of ourª Lord,ª andª of his²¹ Christ;ª andª he shall reignª° for² ever² and ever.ª¹" {Rev 11:15}
and I will overthrow the chariots:
"And I,¹ behold,¹ I will hardenª°¹ the heartsª of the Egyptians,ª and they shall followª°¹ them:² and I will get me honourª° upon Pharaoh,ª and upon all¹ his host,ª upon his chariots,ª and upon his horsemen.ª" {Exd 14:17} + "And the watersª returned,ª° and coveredª°¹ the chariots,ª and the horsemen,ª [and] all¹ the hostª of Pharaohª that cameª° into the seaª afterª them; there remainedª° not¹ so much asª oneª of them." {Exd 14:28} + "Pharaoh'sª chariotsª and his hostª hath he castª° into the sea:ª his chosenª captainsª also are drownedª° in the Redª sea.ª" {Exd 15:4} + "For¹ the horseª of Pharaohª went inª° with his chariotsª and with his horsemenª into the sea,ª and the LORDª brought againª°¹ the watersª of the seaª upon¹ them; but the childrenª of Israelª wentª° on dryª [land] in the midstª of the sea.ª" {Exd 15:19} + "He maketh warsª to ceaseª° unto¹ the endª of the earth;ª he breakethª° the bow,ª and cuttethª° the spearª in sunder;²° he burnethª° the chariotª in the fire.ª" {Psa 46:9} + "At thy rebuke,ª¹ O Godª of Jacob,ª both the chariotª and horseª are cast into a dead sleep.ª°" {Psa 76:6} + "Thus ye shall be filledª° at¹ my tableª with horsesª and chariots,ª with mighty men,ª and with all¹ menª of war,ª saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 39:20} + "And it shall come to pass¹ in that¹ day,ª saithª° the LORD,ª that I will cut offª° thy horsesª out of the midstª¹ of thee, and I will destroyª° thy chariots:ª" {Mic 5:10} + "Then he answeredª° and spakeª° unto¹ me, saying,ª° This¹ [is] the wordª of the LORDª unto¹ Zerubbabel,ª saying,ª° Not¹ by might,ª nor¹ by power,ª but¹¹ by my spirit,ª saithª° the LORDª of hosts.ª" {Zch 4:6} + "And I will cut offª° the chariotª from Ephraim,ª¹ and the horseª from Jerusalem,ª¹ and the battleª bowª shall be cut off:ª° and he shall speakª° peaceª unto the heathen:ª and his dominionª [shall be] from seaª¹ [even] to¹ sea,ª and from the riverª¹ [even] to¹ the endsª of the earth.ª" {Zch 9:10}
"And the threeª hundredª blewª° the trumpets,ª and the LORDª setª°¹ every man'sª swordª against his fellow,ª even throughout all¹ the host:ª and the hostª fledª° to¹ Bethshittahª in Zererath,ª [and] to¹ the borderª of Abelmeholah,ª unto¹ Tabbath.ª" {Jdg 7:22} + "And the watchmenª° of Saulª in Gibeahª of Benjaminª looked;ª° and, behold,¹ the multitudeª melted away,ª° and they went²°¹ on beating downª° [one another]." {1Sm 14:16} + "And whenª they beganª° to singª and to praise,ª the LORDª setª° ambushmentsª° against¹ the childrenª of Ammon,ª Moab,ª and mountª Seir,ª which were comeª° against Judah;ª and they were smitten.ª°" {2Ch 20:22} + "Through the wrathª of the LORDª of hostsª is the landª darkened,ª° and the peopleª shall be¹ as the fuelª of the fire:ª no¹ manª shall spareª°¹ his brother.ª" {Isa 9:19} + "And I will setª° the Egyptiansª against the Egyptians:ª and they shall fightª° every oneª against his brother,ª and every oneª against his neighbour;ª cityª against city,ª [and] kingdomª against kingdom.ª" {Isa 19:2}

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