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{Zechariah 5:4} I will bring it forth, 3318 z8689 saith 5002 z8803 the LORD 3068 of hosts, 6635 and it shall enter 935 z8804 into x413 the house 1004 of the thief, 1590 and into x413 the house 1004 of him that sweareth 7650 z8737 falsely 8267 by my name: 8034 and it shall remain 3885 z8804 in the midst 8432 of his house, 1004 and shall consume 3615 z8765 it with the timber 6086 thereof and the stones 68 thereof.
and it shall remain:
"When¹ ye be comeª° into¹ the landª of Canaan,ª which¹ I¹ giveª° to you for a possession,ª and I putª° the plagueª of leprosyª in a houseª of the landª of your possession;ª ... And he shall break downª°¹ the house,ª¹ the stonesª of it, and the timberª thereof, and all¹ the morterª of the house;ª and he shall carry [them] forthª° out² of¹¹¹ the cityª into¹ an uncleanª place.ª" {Lev 14:34-45} + "Neither¹ shalt thou bringª° an abominationª into¹ thine house,ª lest thou be¹ a cursed thingª like it:¹ [but] thou shalt utterly²° detestª° it, and thou shalt utterly²° abhorª° it; for¹ it¹ [is] a cursed thing.ª" {Deu 7:26} + "It shall dwellª° in his tabernacle,ª because [it is] noneª¹ of his: brimstoneª shall be scatteredª° upon¹ his habitation.ª" {Job 18:15} + "All¹ darknessª [shall be] hidª° in his secret places:ª° a fireª not¹ blownª° shall consumeª° him; it shall go ill²°¹ with him that is leftª in his tabernacle.ª" {Job 20:26} + "The curseª of the LORDª [is] in the houseª of the wicked:ª but he blessethª° the habitationª of the just.ª" {Prv 3:33} + "Woeª to him that covetethª° an evilª covetousnessª to his house,ª that he may setª° his nestª on high,ª that he may be deliveredª° from the powerª¹ of evil!ª ... For¹ the stoneª shall cry outª° of the wall,ª¹ and the beam¹ out² of the timberª¹ shall answerª° it." {Hab 2:9-11} + "Yourª richesª are corrupted,ª° andª yourª garmentsª areª° motheaten.ª ... Yourª goldª andª silverª is cankered;ª° andª the¹ rustª of themª shall beª° a¹ witnessª against² you,ª andª shall eatª° yourª fleshª as it wereª fire.ª Ye have heaped treasure togetherª° forª the lastª days.ª" {Jms 5:2-3}

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