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{Matthew 18:16} But 1161 if y3362 z0 x1437 he will y191 z0 not y3362 x3361 hear 191 z5661 [thee, then] take 3880 z5628 with 3326 thee 4675 one 1520 or 2228 two 1417 more, 2089 that y2443 x2243 in 1909 the mouth y4750 x4720 of two 1417 or 2228 three 5140 witnesses 3144 every 3956 word 4487 may be established. 2476 z5686
that in:
"Whoso¹ killethª° any person,ª¹ the murdererª° shall be put to deathª° by the mouthª of witnesses:ª but oneª witnessª shall not¹ testifyª° against any personª [to cause him] to die.ª°" {Num 35:30} + "At¹ the mouthª of twoª witnesses,ª or¹ threeª witnesses,ª shall he that is worthy of deathª° be put to death;ª° [but] at¹ the mouthª of oneª witnessª he shall not¹ be put to death.ª°" {Deu 17:6} + "Oneª witnessª shall not¹ rise upª° against a manª for any¹ iniquity,ª or for any¹ sin,ª in any¹ sinª that¹ he sinneth:ª° at¹ the mouthª of twoª witnesses,ª or¹ at¹ the mouthª of threeª witnesses,ª shall the matterª be established.ª°" {Deu 19:15} + "And there came²° in¹ twoª men,²¹ childrenª of Belial,ª and satª° before¹ him: and the men²¹ of Belialª witnessed²° against¹ him, [even] against¹ Naboth,ª in the presence¹ of the people,ª saying,ª° Nabothª did blasphemeª° Godª and the king.ª Then they carried him forthª° out² of¹¹ the city,ª and stonedª° him with stones,ª that he died.ª°" {1Kg 21:13} + "² It is²°¹ alsoª writtenª° inª yourª law,ª thatª the¹ testimonyª of twoª menª isª° true.ª" {Jhn 8:17} + "Thisª [is] the third² [time]¹ I am comingª° toª you.ª Inª the mouthª of twoª orª threeª witnessesª shall²° everyª wordª be established.ª°" {2Co 13:1} + "Againstª an elderª receiveª° notª an accusation,ª butª²¹ beforeª twoª orª threeª witnesses.ª" {1Tm 5:19} + "Heª that despisedª° Moses'ª lawª diedª° withoutª mercyª underª twoª orª threeª witnesses:ª" {Hbr 10:28} + "Forª there areª° threeª that bear recordª° inª heaven,ª the¹ Father,ª the¹ Word,ª andª the¹ Holyª Ghost:ª andª theseª threeª areª° one.ª ... Andª there areª° threeª that bear witnessª° inª earth,ª the¹ Spirit,ª and²¹ the¹ water,ª andª the¹ blood:ª andª these threeª agreeª° inª one.ª" {1Jn 5:7-8} + "Andª I will giveª° [power] unto myª twoª witnesses,ª andª they shall prophesyª° a thousand² two hundred² [and] threescoreª¹¹ days,ª clothed¹ in²° sackcloth.ª" {Rev 11:3}

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