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{Acts 27:40} And 2532 when they had taken up y4014 z5631 x4104 the x3588 anchors, 45 they committed 1439 z5707 [themselves] unto 1519 the x3588 sea, 2281 and 260 loosed 447 z5631 the x3588 rudder 4079 bands, 2202 and 2532 hoised up 1869 z5660 the x3588 mainsail 736 to the x3588 wind, 4154 z5723 and made 2722 z5707 toward 1519 shore. 123
taken up:
etc. or, cut the anchors, they left them in the sea, etc. "Thenª fearingª° lestª² we should have fallenª°° uponª rocks,ªª they castª° fourª anchorsª out¹ of² the stern,ª and wishedª°²° for the day.ª¹ ... Andª as the¹ shipmenª were aboutª° to fleeª° out ofª the¹ ship,ª whenª they had let downª° the¹ boatª intoª the¹ sea,ª under colourª as thoughª they wouldª° have castª° anchorsª out ofª the foreship,ª" {Act 27:29-30}
the rudder bands:
Or, "the bands of the rudders;" for large vessels in ancient times had two or more rudders, which were fastened to the ship by means of bands, or chains, by which they were hoisted out of the water when incapable of being used. These bands being loosed, the rudders would fall into their proper places, and serve to steer the vessel into the creek, which they had in view, and hoisted. "Thy tacklingsª are loosed;ª° they could not¹ wellª strengthenª° their mast,ª they could not¹ spreadª° the sail:ª then¹ is the preyª of a greatª spoilª divided;ª° the lameª takeª° the prey.ª" {Isa 33:23}

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