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161.DEU | Deuteronomy 25:16
... all that do such things and all that do unrighteously are an abomination unto Yahweh thy Elohim

162.DEU | Deuteronomy 25:19
Therefore it shall be when Yahweh thy Elohim hath given thee rest from all thine enemies round about in the land which Yahweh thy Elohim giveth thee for an inheritance to possess it that thou shalt blot out the remembrance of Amalek from un...

163.DEU | Deuteronomy 26:1
And it shall be when thou art come in unto the land which Yahweh thy Elohim giveth thee for an inheritance and possessest it and dwellest therein

164.DEU | Deuteronomy 26:2
...he first of all the fruit of the earth which thou shalt bring of thy land that Yahweh thy Elohim giveth thee and shalt put it in a basket and shalt go unto the place which Yahweh thy Elohim shall choose to place his name there

165.DEU | Deuteronomy 26:3
...he priest that shall be in those days and say unto him I profess this day unto Yahweh thy Elohim that I am come unto the country which Yahweh sware unto our fathers for to give us

166.DEU | Deuteronomy 26:4 shall take the basket out of thine hand and set it down before the altar of Yahweh thy Elohim

167.DEU | Deuteronomy 26:5
And thou shalt speak and say before Yahweh thy Elohim A Syrian ready to perish was my father and he went down into Egypt and sojourned there with a few and became there a nation great mighty and populous

168.DEU | Deuteronomy 26:10
...its of the land which thou O Yahweh hast given me And thou shalt set it before Yahweh thy Elohim and worship before Yahweh thy Elohim

169.DEU | Deuteronomy 26:11
And thou shalt rejoice in every good thing which Yahweh thy Elohim hath given unto thee and unto thine house thou and the Levite and the stranger that is among you

170.DEU | Deuteronomy 26:13
Then thou shalt say before Yahweh thy Elohim I have brought away the hallowed things out of mine house and also have given them unto the Levite and unto the stranger to the fatherless and to the widow according to all thy commandments which...

171.DEU | Deuteronomy 26:16
This day Yahweh thy Elohim hath commanded thee to do these statutes and judgments thou shalt therefore keep and do them with all thine heart and with all thy soul

172.DEU | Deuteronomy 26:19
...n praise and in name and in honour and that thou mayest be an holy people unto Yahweh thy Elohim as he hath spoken

173.DEU | Deuteronomy 27:2
And it shall be on the day when ye shall pass over Jordan unto the land which Yahweh thy Elohim giveth thee that thou shalt set thee up great stones and plaister them with plaister

174.DEU | Deuteronomy 27:3
... this law when thou art passed over that thou mayest go in unto the land which Yahweh thy Elohim giveth thee a land that floweth with milk and honey as Yahweh Elohim of thy fathers hath promised thee

175.DEU | Deuteronomy 27:5
And there shalt thou build an altar unto Yahweh thy Elohim an altar of stones thou shalt not lift up any iron tool upon them

176.DEU | Deuteronomy 27:6
Thou shalt build the altar of Yahweh thy Elohim of whole stones and thou shalt offer burnt offerings thereon unto Yahweh thy Elohim

177.DEU | Deuteronomy 27:7
And thou shalt offer peace offerings and shalt eat there and rejoice before Yahweh thy Elohim

178.DEU | Deuteronomy 27:9
...l saying Take heed and hearken O Israel this day thou art become the people of Yahweh thy Elohim

179.DEU | Deuteronomy 27:10
Thou shalt therefore obey the voice of Yahweh thy Elohim and do his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day

180.DEU | Deuteronomy 28:1
And it shall come to pass if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of Yahweh thy Elohim to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day that Yahweh thy Elohim will set thee on high above all nations of the ear...

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